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Liu Junqian 孖 Fan Shaoxuns two male gods co -propa

Liu Junqian, Fan Shaoxun, starring the two male gods, Zhan Zixuan and Lin Yuyi co -starring the annual heart -based movie "I'm waiting for you" will be released in Hong Kong on May 15th! The formal prediction was the first to be launched on the Internet earlier, and it broke through the million -click reading in less than a week, which was enough to prove that netizens were waiting for their necks! The film also announced that the new generation of actress Zhan Zixuan, who has recently been popular with the Netflix album "Love in Love", appeared enthusiastically in Bikini, and interacted with Fan Shaoxun to make Liu Junqian's vinegar.

Liu Junqian 孖 Fan Shaoxun's two male gods co -propaganda notes through one million click a week

The preview also revealed the fantasy fantasy of Liu Junqian and Fan Shaoxun for the first time. The Taipei Xiaodi Mai Axiang, the two looked for the death of the whale together. The journey was ambiguous and heated up, and gradually brought out the fate of the two in the past. We met again. "Tripped in the unlimited imagination of fans, Liu Junqian revealed:" This movie is talking about miracles, as long as you believe it, you will have the opportunity to change! " It was also eye -catching, and Fan Shaoxun was warmly fluttered. Zi Xuan played Xia Xia, a friend Xia Xia who grew up with Fan Shaoxun in the nursery, and was a hot girl in southern Taiwan. It is super enthusiastic, and every game must be filled with energy. And the goddess of Wen Qing, the goddess of Wen Qing, specially performed the social worker Chen Yuxin. When he talked about the first time he cooperated with Liu Junqian, he joked: "It's like watching Hong Kong dramas. "She also emphasized that she is a" key role "and looks forward to the fans looking forward to it.

Liu Junqian 孖 Fan Shaoxun's two male gods co -propaganda notes through one million click a week

The King of Golden Song King Hush sang the theme song of the movie for the first surprise for the "I" film, and also detonated the expectations of movie fans. Today, the theme song "I am waiting for you" MV, under the interpretation of the warm voice, the two actors The fate -style encounter is even more moving, and the romantic index explodes the table! Please see the theme song MV:

Liu Junqian 孖 Fan Shaoxun's two male gods co -propaganda notes through one million click a week

The movie "I'm waiting for You" was directed by the screenwriter Deng Yihan, the romantic fate of a period of time and space on the big screen. Said: "His voice has a very special magnetism that can be psychedelic and melancholy, and healing warmth. It is very suitable for interpreting the two boys in the movie from the original lonely life to the journey of accompanying each other!" The director praised The movie theme song MV is like a hidden soul guarding the journey of these two boys and deeply impressed the audience.

This is not only the theme song of HUSH's first vocal movie, but also the first interpretation of the lyrics that are not written by himself. 的 I think it is the first gentle song. I kept thinking about the marine scenes in the movie during the recording. I think this sentence reflects many "not allowed" in modern love. "Because of all kinds of non -permission, I may miss a lot of love scenery." "I am waiting for you" has been launched on major platforms.

"I am waiting for you" by the culture and production of grabbing Ma, released in Hong Kong in Anle Film, directed by Deng Yixiang, supervised by Xie Guohao, Jin Zhong screenwriter Deng Yihan, and starring Fan Shaoxun, Liu Junqian, and Zhan Zixuan. The story tells the frustrated Hong Kong writer Tianyu, and occasionally encounters the streets of Taipei Axiang. The two started looking for the whale dying of the Bay Bay to heaven. Essence