2024-04-18 15:21:06

The 31 -year -old man in Dajiao Tsui died

At 9:52 am today (18th), Hengchang Center, No. 138, Big Kok Tsui, a resident reported that a man suspected that he had fallen from a high place and the standing platform was unconscious. The rescue workers arrived at the scene to confirm that the victim had died, and the remains were later relocated by firefighters. After investigation, the police said that the deceased was 31 years old and was a resident of the building. I believe that he fell from the unit and did not seize a suicide note at the scene.

Help website and hotline:

"Emotional" mental health support hotline: 18111

Hong Kong Samararia to prevent suicide conference hotline: 23892222

Hospital Authority's mental health line: 24667350

Donghua Third Hospital's Yiruo Garden Hotline: 18281

Samaria Council: 28960000

Social Welfare Department Hotline: 23432255

Life Hotline: 23820000

Aya Qingqing Hotline: 18288