2024-04-18 15:05:06

Going to the toilet halfway, I was surprised to se

After raising cats, cats have to accompany you every moment, including when going to the toilet ...

Xiaohongshu shovel officer @Red Half, a pair of hands on the door. The black palms can still see each finger in the blur.

A little movement, you can also see the other's nose.

When you meet this kind of scene, ask you if you are afraid? In fact, you are not afraid of it. You will find that the one outside the door is too cute!

The shoveling officer who was going to the toilet shouted "not good", and the fluffy little cuteness outside the door was ready to break in.

crowded, not only squeezed in one hand, but also squeezed in.

Cat: Don't be afraid, I will squeeze in Mashan!

For those cats who can't squeeze in, there is no way but only looking outside the door.

The shoveling officer is not boring at all in the toilet or bathing inside, and you can also enjoy the cat's cute claws.

This door, you can't open it in the final analysis? Pure black hair Jiojio, I want to know what kind of cat is. Through the glass door, you can see that the cat's figure is very good.

across the door, you can also interact with the cat. Cats are very anxious outside the door. Some cats even pat the door and shout. In order to make everyone easier, the shovel officer chose to open the door to the toilet.

At the beginning, there was only one black cat guarding shovel officer outside the door. Soon, the cat team continued to grow, and four cats outside the door were guarded together.

The fifth cat exposed a small head: "Hey, I'm here!"

So many cats accompany the shoveling officer together, hahaha's picture is spectacular, the shoveling officer very happy! Who goes to the toilet without a cat? Oh, not me, I already have four cats!


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