2024-04-18 15:03:07

The kitten fascinated on the smell of the smell of

Hello, everyone, this is the little tomato that has not thought about the opening of the game ~

I found that the kitten is sometimes a special axis, especially after the obsession of one thing The unnecessary persistence is speechless haha.

Not long ago, a Japanese show group received commission: Two beautiful girls hope that the staff can help their kittens "Guppy" to change a bad problem.

As for the problem? Uh → → Smell the smell of shoes.

According to the master's description: GUPPY was a very good kitten, and there was no bad habit of smelling shoes, but since a TV show came to the house 6 years ago, everything has changed.

At that time, the staff of a staff member was unique, and GUPPY smelled it and went up. But they left after filming the show, leaving sad kittens.

Now, nearly seven years have passed. GUPPY is still keen to smell all shoes, and almost always smell it at all times. Whether it is family or guests ... as long as it is shoes, it will not let it go.

The serious look seemed to be identified one by one, looking for a familiar smell that made himself unforgettable that year.

The owner couldn't stand it, and the cat could not stand it. Originally, he had a cat, and he looked like a cat, but he stuffed his face and stinky shoes every day.

So the owner decided to ask for help like a show group, in order to return it to normal.

I accepted the commission, and the program group spent a lot of time to find the parties -the director of the show six years ago, the 57 -year -old Mr. Narita.

Although it has been a long time, Mr. Narita still remembers Guppy, saying that it is cute and friendly.

The program team asked him to provide a pair of shoes.

Mr. Narita is also very real. He found a pair of shoes that he wore a lot of days, and said that his habit was to wear a pair of the same shoes, and then worn every day ...

So the taste ... You can refer to Noda Hiroshi.

So, what would happen when GUPPY smelled the familiar smell? Is it really because of Mr. Narita's shoes?

It's really ah ~~ Cat smelled Mr. Narita's shoes and was crazy. He stuffed the entire cat's face in and was super immersed in suction! Intersection Intersection

A pair of shoes holding him as if he had the world! Cat: I have been in 7 years. I have been looking for you for 7 years. Do you know how I survived it?

The show group did not say how long the specific kittens and shoes were pasted, but according to Mr. Narita: The shoe was wet, and it was licked by it.

Master: I cried directly.

The stink shoes of the kitten and the heart of the heart meet, the uncle and the kitten meet, both sides are very happy.

Mr. Narita watched it like his shoes so much, and even said that it doesn't matter to send your shoes to GUPPY.

But when the owner thought of the shoes that were comparable to biochemical weapons, he immediately refused: "You don't have to!"

Some cats have obsession with stink shoes in dreams, while some cats … Persistent with the owner's stinky mouth!

Netizens said that their cats have to hear his mouth while he is asleep every day. Do you say it likes it?

That's not necessarily.

Because when I heard it, I saw that it was talking about swearing.

Cat: "Well, it's stinky!"

But when you see netizens lying there, it will still come to smell ... So why do you want this? Intersection

According to netizens' speculation: The owner sleeps → The cat suspects that he hangs over and smells → it smells stinky.

Cat: "You human beings are really strange, you can rot if you don't die!"

True it, don't be too persistent, such as hearing the owner's mouth to confirm that there is nothing to die ... [[[[[[[

No death, thank you!