2024-04-18 14:43:06

Tuen Mun motor car transferred out of the intersec

At about 7 pm yesterday (17th), Tuen Mun Fengjing Garden had a traffic accident on development. There is a car CAM's shooting. A motorcycle is driving along Feng'an Street. When you are preparing to turn right to Haizhu Road on the double -white line, it is related to a private car on the direction of a coastal bead road to Tuen Mun Township. In the collision, the Iron Knight was hit and hit the private car windshield.

Police said that at 7:05 last night, a private car collided with a motorcycle with a motorcycle at No. 2 Feng'an Street, Tuen Mun. The 28 -year -old Non -Chinese men's iron knight was abused and was taken to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment; the 28 -year -old private car driver was not injured. Police are investigating the incident.

Tuen Mun motor car transferred out of the intersection to shake the private car and iron Knights and flew to the ground