2024-04-18 14:41:06

Rent and shared office dressing up a brand -name b

Police have received 4 reports in recent months, suspected that there are criminal gangs to rent shared offices, and they are disguised as shops that acquire brand -name products with famous brand packaging boxes, high -simulation tables and a lot of suspicion of fake banknotes. The Group will trick sellers to bring sellers with the same brand of goods to the store through the online sales platform. After an in -depth investigation, the police officer arrested a man and two women suspected of "conspiring to deceive the property." A total of 1.05 million yuan in property losses involved in the case.
The survey showed that five victims were deceived by brand -name handbags and watches to sell them in the store, and suspected criminal gang members would disguise as shop staff and claimed to be identified as the goods. At the scene, the victim failed to retrieve the relevant funds or its goods, suspected to be deceived and reported the case.

Police call on the citizens to prevent the endless criminal methods of the scammers. Before putting on sale of valuables, consider a more reputable and reputable acquisition store, and learn about the background of the acquisition of goods stores before the transaction. , To prevent the thieves from being organic and losses.