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Xu Yuexiangs family opposed the first nominated Go

A while ago, the web stage "Test the True True" was called "Points and Solving Beautiful Entering the Performing Arts? "The clear talk film, the six Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, a film industry who graduated from the Hong Kong Performing Arts enthusiastically discussed whether it should enter the performing arts. The object of this interview Xu Yuexiang (Xiangxiang) happened to be their sisters. Although they all knew that this road was "graduated equal to unemployment" at any time, but fortunately, in the first year she had won the Golden Awards "Best New Actor Nomination, this head is good. However, Xiangxiang is not the kind of person who is determined to be an actor from an early age. Before reading the performing arts, she had read the accounting for two years, and finally rushed to the runway with her family opposition. : "I think Zhong has time to try. I want to try it." Do you get it? Calculate it by then.
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Xu Yuexiang's family opposed the first nominated Golden Award: Finally, I will do it

Before "Under the Day", there were works that have paid attention to Xiangxiang, such as "Sorrowful" MV of WHIZZ, Harbin Park Harbin Advertising, and VIUTV drama "We Bloom in the Midsummer in the Year" Unknowingly, Xiangxiang was determined that Xiangxiang was a relatively shocking, taciturn, and gloomy girl. After contacting real people, she found that she was actually more cheerful than expected, and still retained a little bit of astringent entering the WTO.

Xu Yuexiang's family opposed the first nominated Golden Award: Finally, I will do it

Xu Yuexiang's family opposed the first nominated Golden Award: Finally, I will do it

I knew that Xiangxiang graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Although there were MVs and different programs during the study, it was a matter of last year. The world of Gu Tianle. Looking at the age of her graduation, it seems that there is a little bit big, and she really makes an error under the question. The original performance was a half -way decision. Xiangxiang originally read accounting in Evergrande, and he was completely inaccurate with the acting. However, he resolutely entered the performing arts in the second year of the university. After successfully passed the three levels, he decisively quit u! She said, "From thin to Dajia, everyone will tell you that you have to read a good book, take good grades, enter a good university, and do a stable work. I think that I seem to be interested in business I picked account, but after two years of reading, I feel so boring! I have done Intern (internship) 㖭 㖭 㖭 㖭 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 就 就 就 就 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 啲 嘢 嘢 嘢 Acting, I am good, I will get it as soon as I take the test. "

When it comes to whether I have participated in the drama agency and the like during the study period, I am interested in acting. Xiangxiang said, "Oh." Then she must be very talented. Intersection She thinks that she is a good color. "I think I feel good and lucky. I may not be able to take the test this year. The annual standards are the same as those who are buried. Opportunities. "After receiving the admission notice, Xiangxiang didn't want to take care of it, and she did not struggle at all. She admitted that it was impulsive and willful. I want to do it if I want to do it. In fact, the people of the house are opposed. "

pair, although the entrance process is successful, the biggest level is his own family. Thinking into the perspective of parents, of course, I want to read the so -called promising "food department", and the tuition fees have been paid for two years. When they drop out of school, all the money and time are put into the east, and opposition is also a common sense. Xiangxiang said that he only admitted that he was testing the acting in the third round of interviews, but he was unknown; because his family did not think of her test, he didn't take it for granted. When he remembered the process of the rotation at the time, Xiangxiang said: "You think it is so good, for two years, tuition, and re -over again. You do n’t know that you will develop into a point. I scared me, I think I am rational, I want to read it first! I want to try it first! Because my life average is 80 years old, I am 20 years old when I am when I go to 1/4, I think there is time to have time to have time You can try what I want to try. If it is really good, I have a long time to do it, but I do n’t think of my life. "

As for the mentality of holding discussions at the time, Xiangxiang said, "The words of the house enterprise, since you are the road, you will be the first. If it is true, you will go back to the accounting, but the early row is rowed early I asked me to ask me, and I would return to the accountant again. "In the past, my family had come to my family, but in the past year, there were episodes, movies, and advertisements. The nomination of "Best New Actor" is finally explained to the family. Let them know that they are not wrong? Xiangxiang believes: "I can explain it again, but I saw me tightly, and I announced that I would return to my mother Mia to return the film the next day. 而 I am happy, as if my family insisted on the mistakes, I have encouraged my efforts, and I am a great encouragement to the Qu. " The company's colleagues came together with the live broadcast and live broadcast. She was crying and wept immediately after being finalized. The biggest feeling was gratitude. Although it was not far away, she would not have this nomination if no one had the opportunity to help herself and help herself. Another candidate Xie Yongxin first took the lead in the Golden Horse Awards. Xiangxiang did not shake confidence because of this. She said that her confidence was not very big, and the shortlisted was already good. I have been encouraged to be buried with me. I feel that I will work hard in the future and work harder to settle the identity of the actor. ! "

On the earlier "Asian Film Award", Xiangxiang, like a fan girl, laughed and said that the occasion was equivalent to the star chasing scene for her, and the Girls 'Generation of the Girls' Generation, Li Yingai, Park Xun, Liang Chaowei Take a photo of Dapeng, Wu Kangren, etc., remembering that it was still difficult to hide joy: "Super excited, happy, many seniors! People who have seen a person who have seen on the TV appear in front of me and can be on the same way. "That night, she was the first red ground felt, and said that she was" out of the city in the village ". For the reddain felt in the Golden Awards, Xiangxiang thought that the most needed to prepare was the mood of enjoying it:" I don't know life You can do a few times a few times, and you must cherish every time. The team that can be buried together can be happy with the team with "Between the Day". I really look like a house company. There are loved teams. "

" Best New Actor "nominated only one chance for a lifetime. With" Below of the Day ", it is meaningful for Xiangxiang. The case of disabled the disabled and sexual assault. At that time, Xiangxiang, who was studying in the middle school, had paid attention to the news. "After I finished it, I felt good after I finished it. What happened. "However, as the news heat decreased, I had less attention, and I even forgot to have such a thing, and the filming of" Under White "was just a reminder." Many time I don't pay attention to the same time I pay attention to the buried me, and it ’s a representative of the society. There are many society that is worthwhile to pay attention. I can take care of myself every day. I have to take care of everything around me. Especially as an actor, you have to pay more attention to this society. In the event of something. "

In the play, there is a dialogue in Xiangxiang saying:" Maybe I have tried it for a thousand times, but it will change this time. "The reporter cannot change The world and actors may not be able to change the world. In the face of these cold news, Xiangxiang admits that I do n’t know what I can do, but sometimes I can also have some impact on the society without knowing it. Friends around you, after finishing the time after the house companies, even when I thank the votes, I heard the audience saying that when I saw that the courtyard entered the face, parents took the courtyard to scare, and scared this world. It ’s a good change. Even if the impact is so big, there is a positive influence on the front, I think it’ s good. ”It is still unknown whether it can be changed in the future, but at least Xiangxiang hopes that his original intention will not be changed to change. "I hope that in the future, I will take more good works. I hope everyone will remember that I am an actor Xu Yuexiang. I really want to know that I know that I am an actor.

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