2024-04-12 19:43:42

Male students in Sha Tsui Daoshan, Tsuen Wan

Someone in Tsuen Wan fell to the building. At about 4:13 this afternoon (12th), a 15 -year -old male student was found to be lying on a McDonald's at McDonald's at Kondo Rong Street, Sha Tsui Road. He suspected that he fell from a high place and reported the case. The rescuer arrived, and the man still responded and was taken to Margari Hospital for rescue by the ambulance. Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Male students in Sha Tsui Daoshan, Tsuen Wan

"Emotional" mental health support hotline: 18111

Hong Kong Samaria to prevent suicide prevention hotline: 23892222

Hospital management Bureau mental health line: 24667350

Donghua Third Hospital's Yiruo Garden Hotline: 18281

Samaria Conference Hotline: 28960000

Social Welfare Department Hotline: 23432255

Life Hotline: 23820000

Aya Aya Sunny Hotline: 18288