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Fire Guangjing connecting the open corridor on the

A third -level fire alarm occurred in Huafeng Building, Jordan Road, and caused 5 deaths and 40 injuries. The building has not been unsealed, but the residents have been arranged to board the building to get back their luggage and necessities. Some people photographed the light well on the first floor of the fire, as well as the corridor and room burning. It can be seen from the photos and videos that three sides of the light are surrounded by buildings, and a variety of debris, including wooden boards, plastic bags, hand carts, furniture, etc. Some have been severely damaged. It has also been burned to rotten. The light well can be connected to the corridor on the first floor of the building, and the door, window, etc. are enclosed with iron wire mesh; the photos obtained by the media "Ming Pao" show that the second -floor corridor is "open", only iron railings. Can directly enter the two -story corridor.

In addition, the corridor and units on the first floor were burned to all -recognition. The wire of the ceiling collapsed, the bracket blocking road, and the residents were accompanied by the personnel to go upstairs, but found their own room and find their own room and find their own rooms. There is also some difficulty in property.

The fire police investigation task force of the Fire Department called for the citizen to take a picture of the Trustway Road three -level fire alarm, please contact the Fire Department Project Team (Telephone/WhatsApp: 5579 1324). The videos, photos or other clues provided by the citizens may be very helpful for the investigation of the Fire Department.

Fire Guangjing connecting the open corridor on the second floor of the iron wire mesh window on the first floor of the corridor

The fire occurred at 7:53 am on Wednesday (10th). The fire on the first floor of Huafeng Building on 13th to 15th of Jordan Road was fired. Many people were trapped and burn. The fire protection was promoted to level 3 at 8:04 am. During the period, multiple ladders were raised to assist the residents from leaving the unit. The fire was surrounded at 8.54 am, controlled at about 10:00, and was roughly extinguished at 10:30. 250 people were rescued and left, and 50 people were evacuated to a safe place by themselves. The wounded was sent to a number of hospitals for treatment, of which 3 men and 2 women died.

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