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Send nearly $ 100,000 品 送 送 送 送 送/warm milk case/m

Dragon B | "Hong Kong 01" "01 Parent -child" will be held again on April 20, 2024 (Saturday) again. Parents and novice parents born in BB, solve all kinds of questions about pregnancy and raising newborns.

The novice parents of the morning afternoon lecture on the afternoon, including baby skin care tips, infant emergency classes, expectant mothers' skin problems during pregnancy. There were Q & A welcomed parents to ask questions at the scene, and the assault gifts were added during the event. On the same day, the parents who attended and completed the registered parents could get a rich blessing bag. The total value was nearly HK $ 100,000, and the registration was as soon as possible!

Send nearly $ 100,000 品 送 送 送 送 送/warm milk case/milk bottles combination

The sound book attracts the baby's attention with sound and color. Parents can take the opportunity to establish a good reading habit with the baby to help the baby grow. Books increase sensory stimuli, satisfy the baby's curiosity and promote the development of hand muscles!

Influenza disinfection and removal set (Gift value $ 3333)
1. Air sterilization and purification machine x1
2. Special solution for air purification machine 500ml x2
3. Natural disinfection water 300ml x1
4. Natural disinfection water 500ml x1
5. AQ Health Technology Water-Environmental Formula 230ml X1
6. AQ Health Technology Water-Multi-function Formula Trial 7mlx2
7. AQ Health Technology Water -D multi-function formula hand spray 60ml x3
8. AQ Health Technology Water-Multifunctional Facial Equipment 28ml X1

Send nearly $ 100,000 品 送 送 送 送 送/warm milk case/milk bottles combination

Equipped with a hand -lifted disinfection and ironing machine "IGGI" and two exclusive accessories: steam disinfection box and steam disinfection tube, which is easier to disinfect the baby's items. Steaming unique DMS micro -dried steam can directly kill the virus and bacteria to protect the infringement of infringement from bacteria and viruses. Disinfection of high -temperature vapor is a natural protection of infants. It is suitable for infants' items, daily small objects, milk bottles and small containers. This natural method can replace chemicals, while more effective, reliable and direct.

Basic milk bottle combination is suitable for use to use baby for first -rate to 6 months. It is the best choice for self -use or gift! That is, (patent application), not only is it densely combined with antioxidant, but also allows milk, milk storage, and breastfeeding in a single bottle, so there is no need to change it.

1. 1 X Hegen -PPSU multifunctional square wide -mouth bottle 240ml/8oz (2 installed)
2. 1 x hegen — PPSU multifunctional square wide -mouth bottle 330ml/11oz (2 2

3. 1 X Hegen -Anti -Bloating qi Smart Milk Peak (medium speed, 2 installations)
4. 1 x hegen -anti -bloating qi intelligent milk peak (fast, 2 installations)
5 2 x hegen -storage and storage cap (1 piece) (random color)
6. 1 x hegen -tooth glue (pink)
7. 1 x hegen -milk bottle/milk rubbing
8.1 x HEGEN -Gift Box
9. 1 X Custom Card

Unique features in Hong Kong: Can double bottle warm milk, while warm milk and mother supplements (such as drip chicken essence), double time.
5 -in -1 function: warm milk, thawing, hot food, disinfection, preset time.
Warm milk function: It will not cause the formula milk powder/breast milk/food nutrition due to the sudden rise in temperature, and it can freely adjust the temperature of the benchmark within 37-55 ° C.
Thawing function: You can freely adjust the target temperature within 37-44 ℃.
Hot food function: The auxiliary food that can heat different utensils or aluminum seal packaging can freely adjust the target temperature within 56-85 ° C.