2024-03-08 23:23:06

Fat Mom transformed into a house, Save Star, answe

Fat mom is very famous and talented. From singing, filming, teaching, to the review of "Good Voice of Middle -aged", she also looks serious and professional, and in addition to her career woman, she also has a strong family common sense. From time to time, fans asked her difficulties in her family life. It seems that the weather in the "return to the south" is humid and the wall seeps water. The fat mother will teach everyone to add salt and vinegar in hot water, and then drag down the wall. Well It is so wet, and the fat mother also shared her own air -conditioning first, and it also has a moisture effect. Fat mom is now becoming a savior of many netizens. It is indeed estimated.

Fat Mom transformed into a house, Save Star, answering the fan question, fans, encountering a trick back to Nantian