2024-02-24 18:53:25

The man broke into Yuanxia Village, Xinwei Step in

The rural areas of Yuen Long have recently emerged. There was a segment circulating on the Internet. A suspicious man wandered around the Xinwei of Xiacun in the early morning of Tuesday (20), inspected the surrounding environment with a flashlight, inspected the door lock, suspected that "stepping on the line" attempted to explode. Some villagers were shocked to drink. The gangsters fled without a trace. In the early morning of the same day, there was an explosion in Xiluo Village nearby, and there were nearly 20,000 yuan in residents. After investigation, the police confirmed that all doors and windows were not damaged.

The man broke into Yuanxia Village, Xinwei Step in Langxia Village, and was rushed to the nearby Xiluo Village for a stolen and lost 10,000 yuan in property

A section of the sky -eyed clip of about 50 seconds on the Internet. It can be seen that it was at 2 am on Tuesday. The new surrounds of Xiacun wandered around, looked around, and then walked outside a village house, exposed it with a flashlight, and stepped forward to check the gate lock and inspect the surrounding environment. The whole process was photographed by nearby eyes. Since then, some people published the film to Facebook, saying that the suspicious man was revealed and drank by the villagers.

The clip caused netizens to cut off, saying "Qu is so big!", "Suspecting life!"; Some netizens remind residents to pay attention to safety, "everyone can improve their alertness and help. The most amazing canal. The house is robbed, and the man is wounded. "

In the early morning of the same day, there was a theft case in the Xiluo Village near Xiacun. The police received a 38 -year -old woman reported at about 6:26 in the morning. After pointing out, they found that there were traces of searches in the house, the property was missing, and the CCTV wire was loose, and the memory card was unknown. Police reported to the scene for investigation and confirmed that all doors and windows in the house were locked without damage. After preliminary points, the victim lost a total of 15,000 yuan in cash and a watch worth 3,000 yuan, credit card and closed -circuit TV memory card. The case was listed as "theft", and the 4th team of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Yuanlang Police District followed up.

The two thieves of the "Ninja pretend" of the "Ninja pretend" of the "ninja pretend" have appeared in Xiachen Village Township