2024-02-24 18:23:06

The new work of Uncle From now on is a great compe

The latest work of "Uncle" director Yang Yankai, "From now on", premiered the world at the Berlin Film Festival earlier. Good news came from today (24/2). The Best Film Award of the Bear Award. This is also the Hong Kong Film has won the Teddy Bear Award again 26 years after Guan Jinpeng's "The Happiness and the more fallen" directed by Guan Jinpeng in 1998.

The new work of

Get this honor, director Yang Yankai said in social media that he was super happy! "We won the Teddy Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival! I want to thank the actors and teams of" From now on "to make me dream!" After that, director Yang Yankai said more emotionally: "From 2020," From the beginning of "From now on" Tour of script creation. After four years, we can finally premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. We are very honored to have a good review of the response of the audience and commentators. Winning the Teddy Bear Award is even cake! "From now on" is about to be in Hong Kong Released, I hope that Hong Kong audiences will also love this movie. We can't wait to bring "From now on" back to Hong Kong! Last night, it was a dream journey. Share this joy from a long distance. "

The new work of

Starring District Jiawen got up early in the morning and received good news: "I got up this morning and received the Jiebao of Director Yang. I was very happy. Our team's efforts were affirmed. So happy! "Another actress was Li Linlin before the film returned. After learning the news, she also excitedly said:" First of all, I want to congratulate the director Yang Yikai and "From now on" all the opportunity to participate in the performance I have benefited me a lot. "From now on", I got the best return of the Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award's best plot awards director and all personnel. "From now on", please support it when it is released in Hong Kong! "

The new work of

Berlin Film Festival Teddy Bear Award was founded in 1987. In 1992, it officially became one of the awards issued by the Berlin Film Festival. The highest honor of gay film awards has always been awarded one best plot, a best short film and a best documentary every year. During the film festival, all the plots, documentaries, and short films created by LGBTQ+theme have the opportunity to win the prize. "From now on" was selected into the Panorama of the Berlin Film Festival (Panorama), and it also won the Teddy Bear Award for Hong Kong in one fell swoop. ) Affirmation of winning the best plot of the Teddy Bear Award.

From now on, the relationship between a pair of female comrades is used as the entry point. On the one hand, it is a new perspective to review the above themes, and on the other hand, it also hopes to discuss the rights of LGBTQ+ today in Hong Kong today. "From now on" tells that Angie (District Jiawen) and same -sex partner Pat (Li Linlin) stayed 40 years later, the other party suddenly died in her dream. Conflicts. When a dream of Anle Wo is reaching out, will the family members give up this dream of getting on the car, in the name of family, conscience and morality?