2024-02-24 17:41:06

The 25 -year -old American Han came to Hong Kong a

Alert alert last night (23rd) of the airport. A 25 -year -old American man involved the head of the police officer and was uniform. It is understood that the man reported that he served as a teacher and visited Hong Kong alone in October last year. He did not leave the country. A few days ago, his 60 -year -old father came to Hong Kong himself and wanted to bring him back to the United States. At 5 o'clock in the evening, the man refused to go through the boarding procedures at the airport and argued with his father. After fled, his father had no way to ask the police at the departure layer report center for help. Police found men and took them away in the entrance lobby at about 7 o'clock last night. During this time, the father and son were arguing again. The man's emotions were out of control. The other police officers immediately warned the police officer. Pepper spray, subdue and arrest him. The injured police officer was soberly sent to the hospital for governance, and the American man involved in the case was also sent to the hospital for inspection. The case was followed up by the criminal investigation team of the airport police district.