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Checklist for 20 items for pregnant women with pub

When is the "Walking Bag"? It is generally recommended that pregnant women prepare their gangsters one month before the due date to prepare for production at any time. Many pregnant women will also be puzzled. What kind of items must be in the bag? Are there any checklist? The original public and private hospitals need to prepare. That is to read the text in the text to understand the list of 20 must -have items in public hospitals, and check whether it is ready to be prepared. When you go to the hospital, you will be much more assured.

"Walking Bag" will generally be divided to avoid busy hands before and after giving birth, and you can't find what you need. The following introduces the important items for the 20 must -have list of "gangsters" in public hospitals:

Checklist for 20 items for pregnant women with public hospitals

to prepare the identity document of the identity document of my and his spouse, such as ID cards and passports.

It is used to pay for and purchase it. It is recommended to prepare some cash in appropriate amount.

Checklist for 20 items for pregnant women with public hospitals

Please bring the checkup report for the doctor's reference.

It is used to contact others and spend time.

Generally, it is necessary to be hospitalized for 2-3 days, and it must be prepared for charging items to prevent the phone from passing. Public hospitals may not allow pregnant women to use plugs to charge in case they can prepare mobile chargers.

Although the mask order is canceled, the hospital still needs to wear a mask, which can be replaced with several masks. You can also prepare some disinfected wet paper towels or alcoholic hand fluid to use it before or necessary.

The hospital will ask for a one -time waterproof mattress in a public hospital to avoid pre -delivery of amniotic fluid, bleeding or postpartum lochia. It can be discarded after use.

Postpartum vagina will flow out of dew, and set up sanitary napkins for maternal women to avoid staining clothing or sheets. It is divided into buckle and paste. It depends on which one is used to the hospital nurses. It is recommended to prepare 2-3 packs.

Can replace ordinary underwear and use the maternal sanitary napkin. Net pants are more elastic, and the ventilation is better, and it will not compress or hold the wound.

You can carefully clean the genitals or anus to avoid the infection of the wound. You can rush directly into the toilet after use.

It is necessary for mothers to clean the wounds of the lower body to avoid being infected.

Because the hospital has been driving air -conditioning, it may be relatively dry. You can prepare skin care products, lip balm, etc. to moisturize your body. Prepare personal sanitary products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo.

Breastfeeding bust can be convenient for pregnant women, and no steel rim design will not compress the chest.

If it is difficult to fall asleep or wake up easily, you can use eye masks or earplugs while sleeping to maintain good sleep.

You can listen to songs before and after giving birth, watch the video soothing and tense mood and time.

You can prepare a non -slip home or bathroom slippers to facilitate the in -hospital/bathroom.

Moms should drink more warm water after giving birth, but hospital nurse cannot often help heat the water, so it is more convenient to bring a 500ml or more insulation cup.

During the stay in the hospital, the public hospital will provide the baby's clothes. Just prepare the clothes used by the baby when they are discharged, such as a quilt, a monk robe, socks, gloves, etc.

The hospital will not provide it, you need to prepare yourself. Usually one to two packs are sufficient. It is recommended not to use trial installations because it is not convenient for nurses.

You need to carry it by yourself, cleaning your child's body. It is also recommended not to prepare for trial installation.

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