2024-02-23 10:39:05

Middle school male coaches and female students ind

Yesterday (22nd), there was a middle school in the southern area of Hong Kong Island on the Internet. One male basketball coach was closely related to a female student, and there were multiple indecent photos in the article. The Education Bureau is very concerned about the incidents, and the school has also immediately fired relevant coaches. Police today (23rd) said that yesterday afternoon, he noticed that he had relevant posts on the online discussion area. He had taken the initiative to contact the school and immediately arranged to delete relevant posts. The fifth team of the District Criminal Investigation Team followed the investigation. The police and the school are actively following the case, and no one has been arrested for the time being.

The Education Bureau responded to the inquiry that it was very concerned about the relevant incidents. The school has launched a crisis treatment team to follow up, including instant dismissal related coaches, and provides counseling and support for students and parents. The bureau requires the school to follow the incident seriously and submit the report, and will continue to contact the school, follow up and provide appropriate assistance.

In addition, the sports party involved in the incident also issued a statement on the social platform yesterday, saying that the man's position was immediately suspended and said that his personal behavior had nothing to do with the association; School.

According to Article 21 of the "Regulations on the Control of Obscience and Indegence" (Chapter 390), if anyone publishes obscene items in Hong Kong, whether it is known whether the item is an obscene item, it is a crime. Once convicted, a maximum of 1 million yuan and imprisonment can be sentenced to three years. For example, the server of related social media or instant messaging groups is located in Hong Kong and is also regulated.

In addition, according to Article 3 of the "Prevention of Children's Erotic Items" (Chapter 579), anyone publishing children's pornographic items is a crime. Once convicted, a maximum of 2 million yuan and imprisonment can be sentenced to 8 years.

After the "Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Crime (Amendment) Regulations" takes effect, it is effective, illegally shooting or observing private parts, publishing the image from the above two crimes, as well as the release or threatening the release of private images without the consent of the consent. , Are all illegal. The maximum penalty of the new crimes is 5 years in prison, and the court may order the defendant or other people to remove, delete or destroy the private image involved in the case.

Online transmission of male coaches and female students indecent education bureaus of Hong Kong Island District Middle Schools: School of School Removal Corporation