2024-02-13 15:23:38

Li Nest TVB male star seal double -seal was awarde

Since leaving his mother's TVB, Huang Debin has been filming in VIUTV in recent years, which is also popular with the audience. Recently, some netizens have obtained Huang Debin's streets on the streets of Xiaohongshu. They also wrote: "TVB Huang Debin # Workers who went to work on the second day of the year Huang Debin came to buy takeaway, and then gave me two benefits when they left." Some Many netizens have left a message after seeing it, "He has left TVB for a long time. Now VIUTV has filmed dramas, but the output is not much, and the light has been covered with Jiang Tao!" In addition, netizens criticized Huang Debin on the streets of Huang Debin, and wrote about it. : "It's not particularly handsome, a little migrant worker Feel!"

Li Nest TVB male star seal double -seal was awarded PO PO thank you, but he was criticized for clothing: migrant workers feel