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The New Year must listen to the Twins 7 song Bao B

Twins has just started 14 games of "Twins Spirit Since 2001 LIVE IN HONG Kong" concert. Many people have expressed their memories to return to sun. The analysis of writing refers to Twins as "MARKETING's most successful product in Hong Kong history", and the songs have accompanied one or two generations to grow. In addition to the popular songs, Twins also involves children's song albums, English discs, and New Year's songs. Take advantage of the New Year to revisit 7 must -listen Twins New Year songs!

The New Year must listen to the Twins 7 song

Twins first debuted and quickly became popular. After the first two albums "TWINS" and "Love in the Bottle", they decided to launch them while living in the Lunar New Year. The first New Year's album, the first week of sales has exceeded the platinum; the annual burn song of "Bao Bao 668" has opened the tradition of one of the New Year songs each year.

The New Year must listen to the Twins 7 song

"Bao Bao 668" (2002)

Shu Wen will hear the Hong Kong people from the 5th Hear "Happy New Year", "Happy New Year", "God of Wealth", "Congratulations", "Spring Festival", and "Welcome to the Spring Flowers" are re -arranged, and they are connected into "Bao Bao 668". In the MV, Cai Zhuoyan (A Sa) and Zhong Xinxuan (Gillian) tied two buns and put on Tang shirt. Ah Sa once played her uncle to play Gillian.

The New Year must listen to the Twins 7 song

The New Year must listen to the Twins 7 song

"You are the most popular" (2003, but the actual distribution date is November 2002)

must be the most popular New Year song in TWINS, although 2012 only Put on YouTube, but accumulate over millions of viewing, the degree of hearing of the streets will never lose the traditional New Year song. The MV is very powerful to invite Leslie Cheung (brother) to guest the three uncle Liangzi. A Sa once remembered that he had a relationship with his brother, but the company agreed that his brother was very suitable for this role. accepted.

However, a few months after the MV was released, his brother left everyone, and "You Red" also became the last MV in his life. Although it has been 21 years, it still becomes an eternal classic in the hearts of Hong Kong people. Some netizens praised: "The best New Year's song in Hong Kong will still be broadcast every year in the future ~"

Four Xilinmen Welcome Spring (2004)

Twins and Boy'z's former Japanese dwelling, but the four chorus notes just "Death will not change"? There are also "Four Xi Lingmen Welcome to the Spring" with the same roasting songs. "Xitai You", four in the MV anti -string, A Sa even wore fake whistle to dress ugly, and Boy'z also had "pretending to be a fake dog" to dress up with a woman, which was very funny.

"Eight Star Hexi Congratulations" (2005)

Compared with the four -person New Year song of the previous year, this "Eight Star Hexi Congratulations" In addition to Twins and Boy'z, there are also emperor artists such as Wu Haokang, Liang Luoshi, Zheng Xiyi, Li Yilang, etc., and sang "God of Wealth", "Congratulations", "Happy Earth", "Welcome to the Spring Flowers", "Congratulations", "Congratulations", "Eight Stars" and so on, Twins also appeared in the concubine and wealth god, but the most interesting is to dress up Xu Xiaofeng.

"Dream Golden House" (2006)

This song is not a skewed song, but also the cooperation works of Wule City and TWINS. Essence The lyrics mentioned "the Golden House that stays in the pride can understand what is beauty." In order to cooperate with the theme of the song, Twins asked Zhou Qibang to borrow the 100 million yuan apartment in Mosering Ridge to come and view. Toilets, bathtubs, etc. are inlaid! Zhou Qibang also borrowed another pink Rolls -Royce cars that the two loved, and appeared in the MV.

"Red Dangdang Dang Fang" (2007)

This time TWINS sang with men, but it is no longer the same Boy'z, but the palace men's group grass Intersection Five sings and jumping in the MV are a very fresh cooperation.

"Give Pig Rat" (2008)

Twins's last Chinese New Year song. At that time, because it was the year of the mouse, there was Disney sponsorship, so Twins joined forces with Mickey Mouse to congratulate the New Year. Song, MV shooting in Disney, the atmosphere is so dreamy!

In addition to the New Year, "Welcome to the Spring Flowers" Zhongyou Song? TWINS Andy Lau The New Year's Classic Selection of Five Local Adapted Grand Songs "God of Wealth" is the most entered house. Meeting | Ah Sa Thousand Characters Sharing Feelings: The most pure happiness of the twins concert | Rong Zuer's pink see -through outfits are actually excited to kiss Twins tail to play with the side hands and turn around. SA burst Kaisao was questioned: Two Twins concerts | 12 games finally have a guest half -handed on stage and fastened the four shocks. Worried about the emperor 36 response