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Shiba Inu was deceived by the owner and said that

Mao children are inspired by human beings. A owner lied to take the dog out of the house and deliberately cheated the dog into the car, but the dog exerted the sixth sense of extraordinaryness, and immediately realized that the owner should lie to the hospital, so the whole face was lonely and eyes. Dead, the owner can't help but marvel at the sixth sense of the dog.

X (formerly Twitter) A netizen "M9B7Gthsf11Hi46" has a Shiba Inu name Chiyo (ちよ). Chiyo is a very special dog. The car was uploaded to go out, but Chiyo had a strong sense of sixth. When he got on the car, he realized that something was wrong, his face was lonely and frightened, and even the whole dog fried. The Mao Mao children have IG, come and track us!

After a long time, Chiyo immediately discovered that the owner really wanted to take himself to the veterinary hospital. The look of incompetent look made the owner look angry and funny.

The appearance of Chiyo's loneliness attracted more than 10,000 people on the Internet. Netizens made a message saying, "Some dogs are very smart, you don't say anything, but it immediately knows you are cheating it", "I am almost almost all of them, I am almost all of them. Laughing to death, Chai Chai's face was lonely and the whole body was blown up. "

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Both brothers love neighbors and dogs in the middle of the night for a reason to come to the door for one reason: when Wang wants to be forced to go home, he finds his dog downstairs and scolded his ears all the way ... As a result, the dog's shelter the dog dog daily. In front of the window to adopt Emperor Tian, he lived up to the best return to the roof head of the roof and thought it was a thriller story. Shiba Inu was destroyed every day. Fortunately, I was fortunate to adopt a happy bullfighting dog in the future. Two years later, the shelter pointed out that a dog was like a pet owner to expose it. Sending Grandma's house "All the members collectively send a blessing into a gas barrel" after half a year: Nourishment for Grandma

The man is jealous of Chai Chai to greet his wife home, "Get the meat jerk, the dog bowl, the dog bowl" dog Anti -scared dare not eat: there must be ghosts

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