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Girls Ren Clock Hotel Clean part -time job! Seeing

In addition to some couples to go to the clock hotel to increase their feelings for feelings, many people who have infrequent relationships will also choose to go to the Clock Hotel to steal love. Recently, a Japanese female student shared a part -time job in the Clock Hotel, including a naked tenant who sprayed from the bathroom to the bed, sticking around, and naked tenants who fought in the corridor. After witnessing the "terrible scene", he lamented "lost confidence in humans."

According to the Japanese media "Japanese SPA!" "It is reported that a female student at the late night of the Clock Hotel was part -time cleaner, and was able to witness many unusual scenes of ordinary people, as if the shooting scene of the adult industry, for example, she had a great chance to see it as soon as she opened the door as if she was bombed by shit urine bombing. The rooms that have been in the corridor have also encountered naked men and women who have been fighting in half in the corridor.

There are more people seeking excitement than expected in the clock hotel. The female students revealed that at the beginning of work to see these strange scenes, they will laugh bitter, but then they are gradually used to it. Now she is in the clock hotel's biggest fun. Just watching those tenants forgotten the fierce fighting in public space.

The Clock Hotel allows comrades and Duoduo to be shocked and frightened. Worry for being forced to socialize. But just three months after the female college student started working, she saw the ex -boyfriend of college in the monitoring screen, and she would see at least 3 times in one month. She even met her ex -boyfriend. People, the other party revealed that her ex -boyfriend had opened a house up to 3 times a week in the past, so that the female student couldn't help but shout "This is really disgusting."

But the last straw that finally made the female student decided to resign was to clean the room one day, and happened to meet the ex -boyfriend who appeared in a familiar figure. The best blue horse, "I found something I didn't want to know. For a moment, I felt like it was stopped."

Female students recalled that under many tests, friends still did not admit the physical relationship with their ex -boyfriend, and after that day, they visited the hotel 5 times one after another. The female big student sighed, and did not know the secrets of the ex -boyfriend and friend in the various ridiculous scenes witnessed by the Clock Hotel. After being in the drum, she even lost confidence in humans after the incident.

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