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Valentines Day must -learn truffle chocolate only

Valentine's Day is coming, and many people express their love, which is to make the chocolate given to the object or partner. The lazy way to read is to cook the ready -made chocolate, pour into the mold into a new shape. The truck chocolate recipes of this demonstration only require only 2 materials, which are also very difficult. The selling phase is not lost to high -end chocolate shops to produce! Make sure the people they receive are happy.

Japan Youtuber Nino's Home has shared the recipe short film of "truffle chocolate", netizens praise it easy and good. It only needs to be made with two materials and does not need to be added to chocolate power. It is simply to be incomparable. It is guaranteed that novice desserts with experience must do it!


Refining milk (240 grams), cocoa powder (100 grams)

1. Heat the milk in the pot, stir it while cooking, until the milk refining milk Slightly bubbling can turn off the heat and pour the refining milk into the large bowl for later use.

2. Add the cocoa powder to the refining milk and stir well. The chocolate paste of the milk will become thicker and thicker. When the cocoa powder is added to Solid shape.

3. Put the fresh paper in the container, put the mixture in, flatten the chocolate of the milk, spread it in the container, and then spread it with fresh paper and refrigerate for 2 hours.

4. Sprinkle cocoa powder on the table, and pour out the chocolate power of the milk, and cut it into the ideal size, sprinkle with cocoa powder.

5. Rubbing into the shape you like, sprinkle cocoa powder, truffle chocolate!

Valentine's Day must -learn truffle chocolate only 2 kinds of materials are simple and easy to complete, unbeaten 3 tips

If there is no refining milk in your home, you can use it; if you want to have alternative features, you can also replace the cocoa powder, or even sprinkle other edible powder decoration.
Successful tips
Moremaking milk will cause chocolates to become harder and hard to stir.

In terms of material, silicone shovel is easier to stir chocolate pulp than wooden shovels, and the paste is not easy to stick to the shovel.

If you find that the chocolate is too soft after it is refrigerated, it is difficult to cut it.

There are three simple chocolate recipes below, which is convenient for everyone to hug the Buddha's feet in the hurry before Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day must -learn truffle chocolate only 2 kinds of materials are simple and easy to complete, unbeaten 3 tips

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Data Source: Nino's Home

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