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Buy the owner of the furnace for love cats who wan

In the cold winter, it is too comfortable to lie down in a warm place.

Japanese shoveling officer @Kokonananya In order to make the cat at home more comfortable, he bought a cat for cats for cats.

From then on, cats have lived a flat and warm life every day. The Mao Mao children have IG, come and track us!

This cat will also use it after getting the furnace. Like people exposing his head outside, lying in the stove to warm. Warm is enough, and change your head to warm.

You said, Cat Cong is not smart.

The intimate shovel officer also prepared a small pillow for the cat, which is even more comfortable to lie down. However, although it is a heater for cats, it is actually quite large. There is still some extra space for cats.

It can't be wasted anymore, and the shoveling officer also squeezed in and warm together, that is, cats don't look very happy.

Cat: My thing is mine, what are you squeezed in?

Without the disturbance of shovel officers, a cat sleeps more comfortably. While the cat fell asleep, hurried to the side to warm together.

No cat can resist the temptation of being furnace, no cat!

As soon as the furnace was opened, the little orange went in and slept in all. Too comfortable, the cat fell asleep with the Elizabeth circle.

The shoveling officer said that this was the scene of the furnace on the first day. Before the man stretched his legs to warm, the cat lay in first.

Can't find a cat in the room? Go to the stove to see. Hahaha, the four cats lying neatly on the bottom of heating.

There are also families who have not opened the quilt and the family who did not open the heater. How can cats warm? The hot kettle is a good choice, and the paws are warm on top.

Most of the cats have stared at the rice cooker and water heater at home, lying on the same as lying on the electric blanket.

Two "heating equipment" performed at a time, cats know heating. The belly is warm, and the claws are warm. It feels good to lie down ~

Let cats come down? Cats obviously disagree. Hey, you don't need to squat in for heating, come out soon! In the end, this is the ultimate "heating equipment" of cats.

The shoveling officials in the south, do your cats warm like this cat in the last cat?

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