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Ask AI to generate the results of Full -time Mom p

AI's unexpectedly shows a healthy and happy atmosphere, and it is impossible to present the fatigue between mothers between parenting and housework. This allows the questioners to repeatedly mentioned in the prompt that "more time must stay at home", "more crazy", "losing control", and then the pictures that appear are getting out of reality ...

in the Today, artificial intelligence is like breaking bamboo today. If you try to draw AI to depict full -time mothers, what do you think you will see? It will surprise you!

Recently, someone lost a series of questions on ChatGPT, hoping to get AI drawing about what the full -time mother looks like in 2024. But if you are a full -time mother, you will probably want to scold these mothers.

AI's unexpectedly showed a healthy and happy atmosphere at the beginning, and could not see the chaotic picture of urinating urine and breastfeeding. As a result, it was impossible to show the fatigue between mothers between parenting and housework. This allows the questioners to repeatedly mentioned "more time must stay at home", "more crazy", "losing control" in the prompt.

Look at the pictures are getting crazy. Mom scolds SH ○ T. Although she can show her mother's inner violent, this is not the real life of a full -time mother. The work of full -time mothers does not seem to be part of the algorithm. Why is this?

My daughter has been studying in the university wife who accidentally became pregnant again. Her husband shouted again. The month, six months and eighteen months. Basically, it is difficult to let the three of them take pictures together! "

A mother said, "These picture elements are probably from Disney. Mom smiled and smiled with her animal friends all day, while humming the cheerful tune, preparing food, cleaning the house, and sewing her son's clothes. At the same time, watching it. Get up perfectly with the best hair. "

It seems that there are still many things to learn ChatGPT. It is impossible to catch the life of full -time mothers in a static image! What should be noted is that when the algorithm requires a huge database to depict the real life of a full -time mother, why does this happen -disconnected from reality?

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Maybe the lesson is: Directorous moms cannot share uniquely and real moments when they show their daily life, because they may be squeezed again at the moment. Do not do this.

It is more likely that there is no extra time to do so. And when these wolf, you really don't want to make it public, and who would want to see this? This is showing that full -time mothers, or pseudo -single mothers, must take care of their children alone, how difficult the situation is when there is no help!

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