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Dibia Road career love is also one of the same: lo

The New Year Cup 2024 | The New Year Cup will be held tonight (the fourth day of the year). Repeating again after 5 years is specially invited "World Star Team", including Dibia Road, Tudi, Li Huudu and David Weira, etc., to make the "Hong Kong Star Team", so that the audience can see them on the field Each ball skills. Among them, Alessandro Del Piero, who is known as "Italian Golden Boy", has been stable on the emotional road in addition to achieving good results in the ball.

The New Year's Cup Football Competition is the tradition of the Hong Kong Football Association. It is generally held in the first day of the Lunar New Year to the fourth day of the fourth day of the year. It has been 78 years since 1946. Although it was suspended due to the epidemic in the early years, it was held again 5 years later. The organizer signed an independent contract with the players and invited the members of the men's group Mirror and fans Anson Kong (Anson Kong) and Liu Yingting (JER) to make the entire show richer. Essence

Dibia Road career love is also one of the same: love salesman wife, love each other for 25 years

The "World Star Team" has a strong lineup, including Dibia Road, Toddi, Li Huudu, David Weigan, Porio and Mattlas, etc. "Hong Kong Star Team "It is not too old, such as Chen Zhaoqi, Shan Dusi, Li Jianhe, Chen Zhikang and Zhu Zhaoji, I believe that a dragon fights will be launched at that time.

is the most commonly mentioned player name in this event. I believe there must be Dibia Road from Italy. At the age of 49, he hovered from the local group B and Group C from the local Pada, and carried out a football career. At the age of 19, he was appreciated by the Zuyidas of Group A at the age of 19. The offensive techniques emerged in the team and helped the team to win the championship of the Serie A and the Champions League.

Dibia Road career love is also one of the same: love salesman wife, love each other for 25 years

Career ushered in the golden peak period, and Dibia Road then needs to face a low tide. He performed in the World Cup in 1998. He was even more injured in the game against Udnnis. He was torn with his left knee ligament and needed to rest for about 9 months. In 2000, because of his high hopes, he was criticized because he often missed the opportunity, but the team did not cancel his captain's position because of his poor state, and helped him regain the courage.

Dibia Road saw these things in his eyes. He finally broke the downturn in 2006 and performed a hat trick in the event to defeat the enemy Feruntian. Later, he also helped Italy win the World Cup championship. Even if his belonging to Zuyun Das, he was fined to Group B because of the "telephone door" fake wave incident, and he would not give up. He chose to stay in the club, and he also rejected multiple group A clubs to recruit, including He likes Manchester United, "Zu Yundas has achieved me, I can't leave when it is difficult, and I am the captain, and I have the responsibility to support it." He then led the team to win the championship B, and won the Serie A in the following year. Third place, re -eligibility for the European Union.

Dibia Road career love is also one of the same: love salesman wife, love each other for 25 years

In addition to the chairman of the ball, Dibia Road is also quite dedicated. In 1999, he met his wife Sonia Amoruso and married in 2005. He has been in love for about 25 years. Even though Dibia's road was well -known that year, Sonia, who was in love with ordinary salespersons, fell in love with at first sight, and pursued the offensive. He often ran to the store to see the other party. After that, he had the courage to make a date, so that he was originally a ordinary guest. Sonia, gradually loves love, and logically develops emotional relationships.

Dibia Road career love is also one of the same: love salesman wife, love each other for 25 years

At that time, it was the low tide of Dibia Road, but Sonia would support it and choose to make a lifetime. The relationship between the two kept low -key, but every important occasion, they appeared together and seemed to be loving. Although the relationship between the two people broke up in 2018, the two people took photos of the two people on social media, which seemed to face a major test of relationships. It often travels and family dinner, which seems to be very harmonious and warm.

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