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The 38 -year -old former female group member sunba

Li Yufen, a 38 -year -old member of the former female group "Dream Girls", has moved to the international stage in recent years and almost faded out of the Taiwanese singing scene. The year of the dragon is coming. After the exposure, it quickly attracted more than 190,000 fans to grab it. Not only did she praise her aura that was completely different from the past, but she could not recognize it.

Li Yufen greeted the dragon year at IG, and said happily: "May everyone be new year, whether it is health, happiness, adventure, exploration, and growth. Harvest. Courageous creativity and art into our daily life, creativity makes daily more exciting, and art has also enhanced more vision. "

She also predicted that after the new year, the new song that looks forward to a long time is about to be about to be about to be about to be about to be new. When it comes to, it makes her very excited. "This is especially dedicated to all you who support me most. Please also prepare for it ~ Tour the world with me in 2024! Let us look forward to and create ~ Legend of 2024." [[[[[[[[[[

After Li Yufen launched the song "Goodbye Princess" in 2022, he set a shocking rate in YouTube, but then disappeared in the singing scene. In addition to the New Year's Eve, she also announced that she would launch a new song. Fans expect her new work to surpass the good results of "Goodbye Princess".

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