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The Sound is the peak of work: This opportunity is

The movie "Temporary Robbery" is the New Year film of the Dragon Year, starring Guo Fucheng, Ren Xianqi, Lin Jiadong and Zhang Keyi, and Zeng Bit is also a member of the play. In the play, he plays a little bitter named "Big Head". In an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01", Bitt said that the role was very interesting. In the movie, he was indeed very big with the reality.


The "big head" in the play mentioned in the play: "The canal is a more greedy old and confused, and I have done the biggest bad thing. It should be stolen people in the pool. "He also joked that many characters in the movie this time are" dead corpses ":" Because I will kill people, and the one who killed me is me The King of Heaven is Guo Fucheng. "Guo Fucheng plays a fierce bandit in the play, and at the same time, he has appeared in such a role for the first time. His image is also different from the past, in order to act as a very bad look.


The first filming once realized that acting is different from the past singing and hosting: "The filming is really another world, because you have to understand a script and use another angle. Because singing may use yourself to use yourself, The perspective, but if you make a role, you can get the time to integrate yourself into a role, so there are a few challenges to me. " I didn't say it was a New Year movie, but a black humorous movie: "But the black humor is not me, I am responsible for death, I am actually serious, I remember it. If you want to fight the city, I will get revenge after I finish it. After revenge, I will kill it. Actually, my role is so heavy. "So he said that he should be so many people The most difficult one is because his own drama is a more serious one.


Zeng Biti remembered that in the play he only had a rival play with Guo Fucheng: "Actually, the city is the city, the same is the same as Ansonbean 啰, Ansonbean is my brother, and the two are two systems. From the realization of the big, I will be called to work together. "He also revealed that he was originally a role played by Ansonbean, because Ansonbean in the play was very similar to his own personality. When Bitter said whether there would be pressure to filming with Guo Fucheng, it was said that there would be nervousness at the beginning: "The first time in life, the second time the first filming was faced with the big card of the big card, 咁 I will be nervous by any other side. The third is that I want to be a dead corpse, and my life is that I have experienced a dead corpse. Fortunately, the director was willing to guide him at the time. He said that he had taken a shot many times, because he had not been able to hold the rhythm and state of filming very accurately.


Zeng Bit has improved his acting skills after the first attempt to shoot. He said, "I think it is a new attempt, and I also hope that I can try it a few more times. I think it seems to know more after shooting. The filming is a matter. Do you have a good thing to make progress? I think this role is relatively small this time, and the role of the role is more, but it is relatively short, so I hope that next time I can challenge 啲 啲 啲 啲 If you are long and less. If you are good at the first, try to scare good and die, that is, I am happy to survive. "

As for the box office, he said that he is not worried about pairing with other New Year films. Shock: "I'm worried, the theme is the same, everyone is the same as the buried style. I used to have a good year to congratulate the year, there are three sets a year. If you are worried, everyone who likes it should go to the same subject matter. "And everyone knows that Zeng Bit is the most powerful to sing, but this time he did not participate in the theme song. He said that he must concentrate on being an actor this time.

For the third year of Bitt, he said that he often had a low tide time: "There must be something that happened, I think the most important thing is the sentence, and the mentality determines the realm. 睇 点, because in fact, I have been open for a while, and my own state is at least a few months. It was not scrubbing with tears all day long, but I would be good. "He felt that even if there were many people around him comforting himself, he finally wanted to stand up, but he didn't want to mention why it was.

Zeng Bit felt: "Everyone has a low tide or a smooth place, no matter how good work is, it is good to feel and good life, and there will always be. You can go when there is a low tide. It ’s good to be low, but it will always be a good time for you to be a good time for you. Because you will never know when you will rebound, so you can only turn a angle."

For the low tide, I said that fortunately, there were girlfriends accompanied: "People are a group of animals, so it is difficult to face all the problems alone. I think there are many thanks to encourage me." In addition to his girlfriend, Zeng Bit also said that he would like to thank the dogs in his family. When he was full, he got along a lot with it. He felt that he didn't know how to look at the world when he lowered the tide: "I don't know something to face myself, or to face the surroundings." He said that in the end, he still returned to the starting point to see himself. What kind of mentality will make yourself better.

Earlier he participated in the mainland program "The Sound of the Wet", and the popularity was doubled immediately, and instantly on the Internet was hot. He also felt that this time was his peak: "I think it is a department, after all, one after all Come on this opportunity. Everyone has everyone. Thank you very much at the time of the program group. I have taken care of me. I am not familiar with my life. I suggest me a lot. "At that time, no one realized that many people knew each other. He thanked this show to make more people know him.

"Explosive Head" is the memory point of Zeng Bit. When the hairstyle will want to make a change, he will consider it for a while, "I really have something to do, and I really have an attempt I have worked hard, but Zhong Wei got a good -looking hairstyle. "He even said that he had considered a little bit:" One series is bald, but it seems too extreme. If I know the conversation, everyone knows. " It means that too much extremes will scare fans, because I feel that I do n’t look good whether I have short hair or long hair, so I still keep the explosion head for the time being.

As soon as he debuted, he was a singer, and he finally began to participate in the film as an actor. When asked if he would be interested in participating in the TV series, he did not resist: "I think the opportunity can try to scare. I personally resist, I also hope to try to be scared. I have asked in the past. I have something to try in the same direction. Development and be an all -round artist.

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