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Meng Gengrus long -term group took a group photo U

After Huang Zijiao was sexually harassed in June last year, Shen Yin did not show up again. On the 7th, he suddenly posted on Facebook and apologized to the victim Zofia. At the same time, it also exposed the current situation of her husband Huang Zijiao.

On New Year's Eve, Meng Gengru took Huang Zijiao back to her mother's house with her daughter, praised her mother's good cooking skills, and Huang Zijiao sat beside her daughter. The hat, wearing a red vest, a family also took a group photo. After eating, Huang Zijiao also squatted on the ground and cleaned the daughter's rice grains and vegetable residues on the ground. Now it is like a dad. Many netizens commented on the happy New Year. At the same time, some netizens encouraged Meng Gengru to "take the husband back to the lens to return to the normal happy life in the past.

Huang Zijiao disappeared for the first time to "publicly apologize to the victim" for the first time for the victim. Sexual harassment is not as good as Huang Zijiao's exaggeration Huang Zijiao's trapped sex scandal for nearly 3 months Meng Gengru to make thousands of characters. From Baiwen Blasting Rough Exposition of his emotional inside story

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