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Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian have lost contact for

The two goddesses Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian collaborated in "The East Unbeaten Style Relocation" released in 1993. The two subverted the setting of the original "Swordsman" and performed a beautiful and romantic love. Although Lin Qingxia's undefeated oriental setting is set to the man, the erotic drama staged with Wang Zuxian, the picture of the female daughter -in -law shocked the audience's attention.

Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian have lost contact for 30 years? Turbine the two -in -one, the two are unchanged

After "The East of the East Unbeaten", Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian have no cooperation, and they have not seen the two in the future. Now Wang Zuxian has immigrated to Canada to live a low -key life. If you have your own life, you can't think of the latter's move, which greatly touches the nerves of a group of fans. Yesterday (11th), Lin Qingxia followed "Wang Zuxian Super Talk" (Wang Zuxian's related posts) at 5 am. Netizens believe that although the two have no intersection, they still pay attention to each other secretly. Two people in the same field.