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Shu Qi light makeup hugs a cat to make the New Yea

Goddess Shu Qi is coming to visit the New Year! Shu Qi recently released a movie holding a love cat to fans on the community website. "Another round of turns began. When I quit the old and welcome the new every year, I would reflect on my past days. Is there any need to improve?" Essence

Shu Qi made a light makeup on the picture. She recorded her mood in the post. When the edge, you will close your mouth tightly. Even if the two eyebrows are almost connected, the speed of the heartbeat can be suppressed and the exit of the throat will burst. In fact, when one thing happens, if you can set the body, you can be a little bit of the other party. Think about it, might be able to slow down the probability of your cerebral infarction. "

She said, "Now I know how to adjust negative emotions. I have taught me over the years. When facing the problem that I could not solve, I pulled myself away. When the brain is not trapped by fire, the appropriate solution will appear ... even if you still feel nothing ... at least you won't speak unspeakable words. "

Do not forget to bless fans at the end of the article. All good are realized. The positive energy post attracts netizens to like her, and leave a message to bless the goddess in her mind. Happy New Year.

Lanzhou Police solicited the clue of film and television investment fraud cases, Guo Fucheng, Shu Qi and other starring films involved in the case. Knowledge: Let him freely live and live freely, Shu Qi, the manager of the manager of Shu Qi shared his fame, once. There was a mysterious person in Bottom, Bottega VeNeta SS24, which was blessed by Shu Qi blessing to integrate the world's national costumes into senior fashion Milan Fashion Week | Cecilia Cheung is completely like 43 age! Chen Fala, Shu Qi, etc., wearing a inventory

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