2024-02-12 19:23:05

Guan Zhilins New Years short film is exposed to 61

Entering the Lunar New Year, artists have passed POST on social networking sites to pay the New Year with netizens, and even the big beauty Guan Zhilin who rarely publicly shows up and talks about it. The appearance is shocking to the 61 -year -old state!

Guan Zhilin's New Year's short film is exposed to 61 -year -old amazing state.

Guan Zhilin in the clip took the New Year to the netizen with the spring. The fullness of the whole person is quite good, and the state is very good. It looks at least 10 years lighter than the real age. However, many netizens think that Guan Zhilin's heavy filter will have such effects. It is actually unnatural to look at it carefully: "This filter is opened like a micro -business, but it is like MLM." What state can you see? Isn't you just looking for a 5 or 60 -year -old person to open a beautiful frog? "," I want to see that there is no filter, now I really can't see any real state. " "Filter is a good thing, and it is beautiful all the people."

Another person pointed out that one of Guan Zhilin's younger focus is that there are many hair volume. In the clip, her hair is dark and beautiful, and the whole person will reduce the age.