2024-02-12 18:53:09

43 -year -old Dong Jie personally cooks in person

The 43 -year -old actress Dong Jie has filmed a lot of popular episodes, and in recent years, he participated in "Sister 2", but the most netizens talked about it. Pan Yueming's entangled relationship, replying to the single Dong Jie, currently live with his son, and cook himself from time to time to share Tianlun with his own. During the video, she unexpectedly exposed her mansion, which was very wealthy.

43 -year -old Dong Jie personally cooks in person to make a film accidentally exposed the luxury house to hold a super spacious kitchen

In 2012, Dong Jie divorced her husband Pan Yueming. She had a scandal such as her ex -husband's debt, and her son was raised by Dong Jie. Wang Dazhi's kissing short film was that she was derailed first, and the wind direction immediately reversed. In recent years, Dong Jie has worked hard to build his own image of a good mother. During his life with his son, he kicked himself from time to time and shared it to Xiaohongshu. He did not unexpectedly expose her mansion. When you are free, you will make dumplings for your family, making the whole home full of happiness and warmth.