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Yan Miya Anyah entered the top 12 and wanted to ha

"Middle -aged Good Voice 2" singers An Yaxi and Yanmi Lao appeared in the Shatian Racecourse to attend the "Lunar New Year Horse Racing Day" singing performance He New Year this year. In the first time I participated in the New Year's Eve event, An Yashi said in an interview: "The first time I went to the racecourse to perform singing this time is really excited, because I have the opportunity to perform on the platform to perform, so I am all grateful to be grateful. . "Yan Miyali went on to say," I am a photographer. In the past, I have a large -scale activity, and I have all the time. I can return to the turn. What about singing? I finally waited for a day, so I am so happy. "

In addition, An Yaxi hopes that in the new year, he can push personal songs. At the same time Concert of the Voice of the Year 2. Yan Midali said: "In fact, I have died for many years, and I am grateful to enter the top 12 of the game. Therefore, I hope that I can have my own song in the future."

Yan Miya Anyah entered the top 12 and wanted to have a personal song

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