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Wu Yekun did not have the creation of the peoples

Wu Yekun (Brother Kun) and Zhou Jipei (Jiji) appeared in the Shatian Racecourse to attend the Lunar New Year Horse Race on the Lunar New Year today (12/2). After two days, it is Valentine's Day. Brother Kun revealed that he was going to send Valentine's Day gifts for his wife: "This time I am ready to be as interesting and practical. After Runyi Run a lip, Xi returned to the canal, in fact, it was a little warm. "As for Jiji, he would give a practical gift to his wife:" Actually, I am like my wife and wife, so I just do n’t Brother Kun is fun, and I mainly send practical gifts. I hope that Valentine's Day can go out for a meal, scare the two people, romantic. "

Asked if it will be prepared to make people this year? Brother Kun laughed and was not psychologically prepared, hoping to focus on his career. Jiji next to him shared his experience with Kun's experience: "In fact, if you want to hit, you must pay attention to the woman's ovulation period, and then strive for time, and it will be easy to get pregnant." Brother Kun then said, "I am said," I said, "I am I will remember, when it is useful for the first time, I will use it. Thank you for your Jiji! "

Wu Yekun did not have the creation of the people's congress Zhou Jipei to share the experience of Birth B: Pay attention to the woman's ovulation period

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