2024-02-12 16:55:27

87 -year -old man in Lijing Village, Huang Youshen

Police today (12th) calling on the public to provide the public to provide the disappeared old man Huang Yousheng (87 years old). Huang Bo disappeared after leaving his residence in Lijing Village on the morning of the second day of the New Year (11th), and his family reported to the police on the same day.

Huang Yousheng is about 1.6 meters high, weighing about 55 kg, thinning figure, long noodle, yellow skin and short hair; finally wearing a dark green jacket, black trousers, black shoes, And dark blue cold hat.

Police call on anyone to see the news of the missing man or have seen each other, please call 3661-1176, 5239-7701 or email to RMPU-NTS-2@police.hk Investigation team of the missing population in the heads or contacted any police station.

87 -year -old man in Lijing Village, Huang Yousheng, left his family after leaving home. He was anxious to call the police