2024-02-12 04:53:10

Tsim Sha Tsui seven -person car collided with BMW

A car accident in Tsim Sha Tsui. Sources said that at 2 am today (12th), a seven -person vehicle drove to the Golden Bali Road substation and hit the end of a BMW private car that was parked on the site. Mi, turn to the mountain forest road at 22 to 26 along Kestian Road, and then hit another Pingzhi private car. Pingzhi was pushed to the pedestrian road. Sanior alarm, the police arrived at the scene to investigate the car accident.

Tsim Sha Tsui seven -person car collided with BMW 350 meters and hit the Pingzhi shovel to the pedestrian road driver Travel

BMW's private car male owner's surname Zhang, afterwards received a notice from the police to rush to the scene to understand, Zhang Nan said that before the incident, he was drinking by himself. So last night (11th) at 10 o'clock, the car had been on the site at 10 o'clock, and the police were copied or trailer. I went to a nearby hotel to rest. After I received a notice of the police afterwards, I learned that the vehicle was hit. In the car, no casualties were caused.