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Inventory 5 -bit 50+ beautiful witch Chen Meifeng

Artist Chen Meifeng has been discussed many recently for frozen age and hot body.

But in addition to her, the actresses to be introduced below are that they will not see that they are over 50 years old. Among them, the 53 -year -old Su Huilun is in good condition. It also made netizens exclaim: "It's too outrageous!"

Chen Meifeng, 67, "Taiwan's most beautiful Obasan" Chen Meifeng, appeared in stunning everyone with a short hair, and was praised by netizens to the South Korean women's group Blackpink member LISA, Lisa, Lisa The degree is extremely high, praising her can simply "the women's group debut". In this regard, Chen Meifeng said humblely recently: "Thank you very much! I'm afraid everyone will be tired. I am very acceptable to accept the challenge. I accept it. "And the secret of maintaining figure, Chen Meifeng also generously revealed that he usually rely on drinking water and not eating sweets. However, for the sour people's doubts, "they are all relying on the beauty of the medical" to be frozen. She once admitted that "I really don't pull the skin, there is no thread, and I should not be very bad in the general direction."

55 -year -old actress Xiao Qiang has the title of "Taiwan's First Beauty". She is 170 cm tall. She has always maintained a thin and thin figure of 45 kg for more than 30 years. I can only sleep for an hour, I want to eat when I wake up. I only got fat to 48 kilograms during that time, and revealed that the best secret to maintaining the body is "discovering problems, finding methods, solutions." She occasionally eats supper and eats fried objects to indulge herself. "I don't want to treat myself at a loss, and be happy, that is the little fun in life." In addition, Xiao Qiang has continued to study yoga and calligraphy courses for many years. After the pain of the shoulders and hands, I hope to continue to show more high and perfect patterns, and say: "The pain of the body is a more disintegrated boundary." The album "Chasing everything" caused a large response, and was named "student lover" because of the fresh image. Later, with the albums such as "Lemon Tree" and "Duck", she established her position as the "Jade Girl", and she was also the representative of the frozen age goddess in the minds of many 6 and 7th grades. Su Huilun issued a post on the social platform in 2023 and wished everyone a happy Mid -Autumn Festival, and attached three recent photos of Su Yan. The 53 -year -old she was in good condition. ! "Regarding the voting as" one of the most frozen artists in the heart ", she said at the time:" There is no old myth, the focus is to keep the mood happy and make herself very beautiful! "

Tian Li's debut for nearly 40 years, she has a deep five officials, and she is also the "beautiful witch" in the minds of many audiences. And she revealed on Facebook 2 years ago that she had not been exercising for nearly 10 years, so "watching everyone is moving, I will also move!" In the picture, she still has a slender waist, and the tight -fitting sports pants make the beautiful leg curve reveal. In addition, her translucent skin condition, she can't see that she is currently 56 years old.

The 35th anniversary of her debut "Jade Girl Head" Zhou Huimin (Vivian) recently came to Taiwan to attend the event, and her frozen age beauty was also amazing again. She revealed that she did a lot of homework for maintenance in the interview at the time, but she did not have a strong pursuit of beauty. Instead, she paid more attention to health. For many years, she has not cigarettes or exercise habits.

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