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Luo Ziyi is easy to disturb Su Hailin because of f

Stepping into 2024, I believe everyone wants to know what is the fortune of the year? This time, Master Chen Dingbang, Master Chen Ding, to give you guidance and comment one by one.

Luo Ziyi is easy to disturb Su Hailin because of family affairs.

2024 The Year of the Dragon of Guida-Xiao Rat Transportation

1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

overall fortune

Monkey, rat, and dragon are the three zodiac signs. The fortune of the little rats should be good, but because the fierce stars such as the five ghosts, white tigers, hair, flying, etc., this year's luck There are many right and wrong. In the new year, keep in mind that "more words will be lost", so we need to do more about novels.

There are five ghosts entered the palace this year. In metaphysics, the five ghosts are one of the gods. Not smooth.

Therefore, this year, the friends of Xiao Rat will fluctuate, and it is easy to annoy because of trivial matters such as family and feelings, causing it to be troublesome for nothing.

Five ghosts enter the palace, and it is also easy to have officials who are not involved, breaking their wealth, multiple people, and sickness. Think twice and then do not trust others. When you make any decisions, you must think about it.

Although there are fierce stars entering the palace, fortunately there are Ji Xing three stars and shining on the star. As long as the file processing is carefully processed, everything can be expanded.

Three careers and promotion opportunities for the star shiner

Xiao Mouse friends because there are five ghosts and three stations, so this year's luck is good and half -critical. If you are ready to be the same as If others do business in cooperation, you must see the face of the partnership, understand their background, be careful to prevent villains from framing.

If you do business by yourself, you must specialize in the processing on the document this year, because the five ghosts enter the palace, and there are white tigers. In addition, because of the influence of the stars, the mouse friends are easy to volatile, and people will become negative. It is easy to make a mistake because of a word or provocation of others, causing losses. The most important thing is to learn and manage emotions. When you encounter difficulties, you can get up early to run and bask in the sun to strengthen positive energy and reduce negative energy.

Fortunately, after there are fierce stars, there are three and the star of the star. The star is a star of power. It has the ability to organize leadership and command. The emergence of this good star enhances your career. If you do n’t bow your head in adversity, and keep your sober mind at all times, you can flexibly plan the market strategy. It is bound to have greater opportunities than competitors, be recognized by customers and business partners, and get rich returns.

As for the mouse friends of the migrant worker, there will be good opportunities. As long as you have the strength, don't compare with others, your boss or boss will definitely see the light you emit.

Therefore, stepping into the new year, the influence of the Xiao Rat friends should not waste the influence of the three and the two good stars of the star. Promotion opportunities.

Peach blossom single friends are expected to take off the order

This year, Xiao Rat friends do not have the care of Peach Blossom Star, and there is not much surprise in love. The influence of the palace has the opportunity to be leisurely by others and talk about the relationship between you and the other half. In addition, because of the influence of the stars, friends of Xiao mouse may suddenly become a career and love people, so they should learn to balance work and love.

In addition to keeping his mind in his career, friends of Xiao Rat must be clearly emotionally the same, and analyze it a little bit. Love life.

As for a single friend, the Peach Blossom Games emerged in May in the lunar calendar, so if you want to take off the order, you must equip yourself and look at you too high. The advantages of reducing others' decisions and learning to appreciate others, so that they can take the first step.

Married friends who are married to restrain their desires. When facing temptation, they must have a decisive attitude that refuses to be thousands of miles away.

Fortunes do not have the wealth of fortunes.

Xiao Mouse is the same as Tai Sui, but because there is no Fortune's shining, so wealth is average. You will want to expand your business and have greater breakthroughs, but you must be careful not to make reckless decisions. Think twice.

You must always keep smiling and welcome people. If you are full of positive energy, then the God of Wealth will come to the home; in terms of investment, it is not appropriate to make progress this year.

In terms of partial wealth, it is like a mirror flower and moon, which is expected to be unable to get it. Therefore, friends engaged in the investment industry need to take a stable strategy this year to maintain a sober mind.

At the same time, because the five ghosts enter the palace, it is easy to break the wealth. Therefore, there is a chance to have a small accident this year, so that you have unexpected expenditures other than expenditure. Therefore, you should prepare a savings to prevent from time to time.

Healthy and fierce stars affect emotional ups and downs

As mentioned earlier, because the five ghosts enter the palace, the emotions will be greatly influential. Many times they will make emotions up and down because of small problems. In addition to making wrong decisions, it will affect health.

In the dragon year, friends of the Xiao Rat will be mentally nervous. In addition to the external environment, more subjective psychological pressures are caused. It helps to maintain a good mental state, so that you can meet the challenges of work and life.

In addition, the white tiger and the beef stars are stationed. Under the influence of the white tiger star, everyone must be careful of traffic accidents. Drivers should pay attention to road safety. When they are tired, do not drive. The appearance of the hair has a great influence on the home. Pay attention to the health of the elderly at home. When the elderly people in the home find that there are minor problems in the family, they should take them to check or treat it. Do not despise the medical treatment.

It is recommended to wash your teeth and donate blood to resolve at the beginning of the year.

Monthly Tips!

The first month of the lunar calendar

Fortune is good, and the wealth is smooth, but we must accumulate hungry for future mutations. There are many new opportunities at work. If you are interested in transfer, you may wish to try it.

February of the lunar calendar

In terms of work and money, the fortune is stable. If you work, you will get a boss to be appreciated and have the opportunity to be promoted. The unexpected fortune.

March of the lunar calendar

The luck and stability, you can try to try to develop or diversify, but be careful in file processing No.

April of the lunar calendar

will be a bit troublesome to appear. If the lack of proper arrangements, it will affect the development of the cause. Ji Ji, do not use the guarantor to help others borrow money, otherwise people's wealth is empty, friends look back, and affect your reputation and luck.

May Lunar Travel

The fortune gradually enters the good scene, tolerate the calmness, take a step back, and the sea is wide. Emotionally, friends who want to take off the order are hopeful, but you who are too high or demanded that you have to change your attitude and learn to appreciate others in order to take off your order success.

In June of the lunar calendar

, there is a stagnant development in the work of the lunar calendar

. Don't be anxious. Even if you have a transfer or entrepreneurial opportunity, you should also think twice. Don't make a wrong decision. Do not touch your boss or boss, otherwise it will affect your career.

July of the lunar calendar

In the work, there will be some tongue, small obstacles, and wrongdoing. The problem is resolved. In terms of investment, do not make emotional things, and make mistakes or investments due to a moment of qi.

August of the lunar calendar

The work is busy with work. It is a good month for the development of business. Even the official is wrong. In terms of emotions, it should be tolerated and tolerant.

September of the lunar calendar

Money luck is good this month, but there is a chance to lose money because it is too greedy or excessive. Before speculating or investing Essence

October of the lunar calendar

The fortune is not good, but to prevent villains, remember that "the heart of harm is indispensable, the heart of preventing people must not be available", and the interests are stunned. Next, selfishness will appear. In addition, wealth is unfavorable, avoid speculative gambling.

In November of the lunar calendar

, it is difficult to encounter in the work, and it will also get the help of the elders of the nobles and encounter

Dangerous rescue, the death of the victims, and played the director steadily. Emotionally, it is easy to have a third party's intervention and affect the original development.

December of the lunar calendar

The fortune is good, you can do more, do more, and change more. Change is a good thing for Xiao Rat friends. There must be a breakthrough. Emotionally, it is easy to be annoyed by trivial matters, and emotional fluctuations will cause it to be unable to lift anything.

Xiao Rat friend Long Nian Nianqian

1. This year's five ghosts enter the palace, be careful of wealth, multiple villains, fearing strange diseases.

2. In business, be careful of villains.

3. The file processing should be particularly careful.

4. Five ghosts enter the palace, emotional fluctuations are easy to fluctuate.

5. Three and the stars shine, there is a chance of promotion.

6. Workers are easy to appreciate the boss/boss and successfully look at it.

7. Married or partner friends, be careful of affected feelings because of others' gossip.

8. Friends who want to take off the order, hope in May in the lunar calendar.

9. According to the reference year of Qimen Jiajia, the rats born in 1972 were calculated. This year, pay special attention to the feet to have the opportunity to hurt the foot.

Auspicious color: golden water, white, white, gold, blue, black, gray

Auspicious numbers: 1. 3, 6, 8, 9

2024 Guizhou Nian Dragon Year-Xiao Niu Yunchang

1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2009 , 2021

The overall fortune

Xiao Niu's friends in the past year, neither "rushing" nor "combined", but there are two "fierce stars" in the funeral door, Therefore, the problem of disease health is more significant, and it is a year of step -by -step camps.

Fortunately, when you step into the new year, Xiao Niu's friend is a year when he is "breaking too old". There will be a problem in interpersonal relationships, but fortunately, there are Yutang, Tiande, eight, and Fuxingji Xing arch photos. Everything Can turn dangerous.

Tiande is a great star, protecting the star of the deity, the rescue of the savior, the Lord of the good luck, the god of the gods, can be fierce, and the danger is to help. Therefore, although Xiao Niu's friend's career this year did not go to Fei Huang Tengda and Qingyun, he could definitely go smoothly and help the nobles. In terms of wealth, there are Yutang Jixing shining.

There are good stars and fierce stars. This year, there are fierce stars such as tongue rolling, hemp, hooking, and widow. The name of the fetters is the meaning of the bondage of the hook, the primary criminal law and the disaster. Therefore, in the new year, Xiao Niu's friends were careful about entanglement with people.

In addition, there is MIT this year. This star will lead to twists and turns of career fortune.

There are many good stars in the career, the time to turn to work, start a business

This year, Ji Xing Gao Zhao, including Yutang, Tiande, Eight Sea, Fuxing Jixing Gongzhao. Ethics is the star of the god of morality. It is to solve the savior. When Xiao Niu's friends encounter difficulties, they will finally solve their difficulties, and they will help the nobles.

So if Xiao Niu's friends want to transfer or start a business, this year is a good time, but there are hooks and flying. The name of the fetters is the meaning of the bond of the hook, that is, when the fellow cooperates, there may be differences in opinion or right and wrong, and finally disperse.

So when Xiao Niu's friends who get along with each other, the wage earner must have a humble and cautious learning attitude, respecting people who are senior and strong than you, and do not hold talents and arrogance. Unnecessary troubles and obstacles have become the target of criticism.

Xiao Niu friends who do business must handle the documents carefully. Before signing, carefully read the rules carefully, so as not to have the situation of "mouth and nose".

Generally speaking, Xiao Niu friends will get a lot of heterosexuals in their careers, and the chance of success is greater. We must seize the opportunity, but in terms of file processing, be careful and think twice.

Peach Blossom Widow Star Affects Niu Niu Special Vacus

Single denim cow women have a good star, there are many opportunities, but there is a widow appear. Afraid of widow ", cow women sometimes become contradictory and want to fall in love, but do not want to go out of entertainment and have a good opinion of the other party, but I always feel that there is a problem with the other party. Essence

Stepping into the dragon years, Xiao Niu's friends must change their mentality. Don't be more picky. A tolerance will easily make you feel a relationship.

Xiao Niu friends who are married or already have the other half are easily affected by tongue rolling. They are more picky about the other half. They will always feel that the other party is wrong. Small things will argue, so Xiao Niu's friends must always tell himself to "tolerate, tolerate" each other. As long as there is a "tolerance" heart, there is not much problem in emotional life.

Fortunes must not follow the gossip blindly

This year, Xiao Niu's friend "breaks too old" to get the fortune process. In terms of Zhengcai, Xiao Niu's friends have photos of Yutang, Tiande, Eight, and Fuxingji Star Gong. They have the opportunity to promote salary and increase their salary.

Even if the economic income is good, do not make large flower tubs, and it must be quantified. Gou Tufei is coming, and there is a dark battle. If it is investing, speculative trading, avoid blindly follow the gossip,

must be analyzed by himself, otherwise the investment failure and damage to the feet will leave the market.

Friends who do business with other people must be careful of the rules on the document contract. Do not be careless, otherwise the wrong documents will be signed to cause losses.

Healthy cowboy pays attention to male diseases and must be clean and of love

This year's Xiao Niu friend "breaking too old", it is inevitable that there will be a little problem. Puessing more about their health. If you find a little physical discomfort, take them to see a doctor, treat early treatment, or take them to do a comprehensive physical examination.

Cowboy needs to pay attention to male diseases, clean and love, do not enter and exit the windy moon at will.

The elder must pay attention to heart problems, and regular checking health care is not big.

Monthly lucky tips!

The first month of the lunar calendar

Personnel tongue in work intensified, entering the new year, be careful to be lost, or do bad things. The difficulties of work and money must be solved by the assistance of the seniors and elders. You should not be used for self -use, otherwise the time will not be able to save.

February of the lunar calendar

The fortune is not good, and there will be a problem in work and money. Or rely on others to solve the problem for you, otherwise there will be a big break. Emotionally, there is a third party's destruction and the disobedience of you. It will get the relationship to the bottom and should be careful to deal with it.

March of the lunar calendar

The fortune is repeatedly up. Your efforts and good popularity can make you more effective in your work. At this time, you may try to create some new opportunities and careers for yourself. The transfer and transfer of work or even considering putting some plans to be proposed to the boss customers, they can be accepted and accepted. This month's defense affects work due to emotional family.

April of the lunar calendar

The luck is still good. Many things that are difficult to complete at the beginning of the year can be achieved. benefit. It is advisable to grasp the opportunity at work, and do not advance when dealing with money and investment. You should take the attack as an attack, and the control of the expenditure should not be lost.

May of the lunar calendar

The fortune enters the stable stage, but this month's emotional fluctuations are large, and there are many non -villains. Be careful that someone will take intoxic and fall down. Only to avoid sinking. On the contrary, if it can be widened and enhanced its own knowledge, work will have the opportunity to turn danger.

June of the lunar calendar

The fortune is declining, there will be a lot of obstacles at the beginning of the month, and the work is still very busy and trivial. In vain. At this time, you should not be woman and empty. You should seek truth from facts and prove your concept plan with action. After some hard work, you should have a new scene. It is a poor emotional luck, and it is not advisable to expect, and there should be no three minds or peach blossoms outside the wall, which will deteriorate luck.

July of the lunar calendar

The fortune starts to really turn. At this time, you should work hard to create or adapt to the new personnel and environment that began to change. Even if you want to transfer to work, you must not be anxious, because the psychological and unable to cooperate, it is not unable to cooperate. The random offensive will only break the good fortune. Money and wealth are not good, it is not advisable to speculate gambling. If you go out, you will have unexpected gains when traveling or public work.

In August of the lunar calendar

Work and money have made progress, but do not be stunned by a moment of victory, because the villain next to you is still jealous of you. Good opportunities for work and money, and more prone to discomfort in the body, do not overdraft, and prevent infection with cold and cold. You should pay attention to living diet.

September of the lunar calendar

Opportunities for work and career, to work more, absolutely nothing to get. At this time, we should make more movements. It is better to consider transforming yourself or career. Diversified development is better than adhering to the rules. Fortune is good, only the Lord is wealthy, but this month spends a lot of money, you must not sell gambling randomly.

October luck of the lunar calendar

There are personnel disputes and changes in business in this month, and there will be problems in the family. At this time It fails and fails. When you are upset, you should not send love in some bad hobbies or wild peach blossoms. Otherwise, you will not only have a negative impact on the business of money, but also hurt your name.

In November of the lunar calendar

The fortune is restless, there is no prediction to do things, there are many right and wrong, if you do n’t know how to let calmly treat it, the luck will be even more dry, and the luck will be more. Seeing the defeat, at this time, you may wish to consider traveling outside to avoid static and through the sullen air. After charging, the luck will make a better progress. If you have a bad fortune, you should not gamble.

December of the lunar calendar

Some things that have been performed or thought to be used will encounter sudden obstacles, high mental stress, work and money in money, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this time It should be asked for elders to learn more and do more, not greedy, and wake up the twelve points of spirit to cross the crisis. For the future, prepare for a good fortune in Japan, and the momentum is like a rainbow.

Xiao Niu friend Long Nianqian

1. Yutang, Tiande, Eight, Fuxingji Xing arch photos.

2. Yutang Master Jin Yutang, good fortune.

3. There is a fierce star hooking and flying, and be careful of the disaster.

4. Investment, speculation, and buying and selling, avoid blindly following the gossip.

5. Single denim cow girl peach blossoms are good.

6. The cow woman is influenced by the star of the widow, which will be particularly picky on the other party.

7. To know how to be tolerant, small things can be changed.

8. His people are everywhere, don't believe in others too.

9. According to the reference year of Qimen Jiajia, Xiao Niu friends born in 1997 will be easy to scam this year and fall into the trap of others, but fortunately, when you go to the most dangerous place, there will be noble people who come out to come out Help you out of danger.

Auspicious color: Blue, Black

Auspicious Number: 1. 4, 6, 9

2024 The Year of the Dragon of Guizhuang-Xiaohu Yunchang

1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

overall fortune

Xiao Hu's friend this year's stage horse star movement, plus Lu Xunxing's blessing, which means that it means Xiao Hu's friends are more and more favorable, so there are changes in this career to make progress. If you already have the meaning of changing the working environment, you don't have to consider it, be brave, take the first step, and successfully look at it.

As for, the single Xiao Hu friend who wants to "get rid of independence" is also possible to find true love outside. With the shining of the two stars of the stage horse and Lu Xun, you have the opportunity to recognize the foreigner, or live in a foreign country, or live in a foreign country. Hong Kong people, friends who develop alien love, have a high success rate.

Although Xiao Hu's friends have auspicious star photos, there are also fierce star dogs, and Tumo's main theft, breaking wealth, disaster, lawsuit, etc. Therefore, Xiao Hu's friends stepped into the new year. When traveling, be careful to be robbed, and we must not show your eyes; do not have money with others. Do not stubbornly act or do it. Even friends have to do.

Career post horse and Luxun should move around.

The stage horse owner has changed, and Lu Xun is the official official Lu, so this year, Xiao Hu's friends will change in their careers, and walk around. The more, the more progressive.

Therefore, if Xiao Hu's friends already have a conversion, they want to change the working environment, and even want to start a business. In the step, there are stage horses and Luxun Jixing arch photos, and they are successful.

Friends who do business also can expand overseas markets. The farther the farther, the easier it is to get rich.

However, this year, there is a huge star in Tengu. If Xiao Hu's friends intend to do business with others, they must think twice, especially friends who are not deeply interacting. To do it carefully, understand the true face and strength of the other party, and must not be confused by others' beauty.

As the saying goes, there is a cloud: "The word is less true." Xiao Hu's friends are carefully sold by friends. Often, I usually call your brother and brother on the wine table with you. You have the opportunity to put cold arrows behind you and affect your career.

In addition, the appearance of a crying star means that Xiao Hu's friends are more emotionally fluctuated. Remember not to affect your judgment and decision -making because of emotional problems.

The more peach blossoms walk, the easier it is to get rid of it

In terms of emotional life, due to the influence of the stage horse and Lu Xun, Xiao Hu's friends will become a career in the new year. Diligent, married or dragging friends will unknowingly leave the other half, affecting the feelings of both parties.

Friends who are single and want to get rid of independence, have to take the initiative, go out more, more social entertainment, and even more travel abroad. Under the influence of stage horse stars, the more you walk around The higher the rate, and the opportunity rate of long -distance love is higher.

Under the influence of Tian crying stars, Xiao Hu's friends will have emotional problems. Many times they will be angry with the other half for no reason. Therefore, in this year's emotional life, this year, be careful of words and deeds. And the ending of separation.

Don't be suspicious, don't listen to friends, trust each other, and treat the people around you with sincerity, you can cultivate a positive result.

This year is also the best opportunity to have children, especially the 26 -year -old tiger and tiger girl born in 1998. Maybe you do n’t have a child, but the more you do n’t want to, the easier it is to get pregnant. If You really do n’t have this plan, you have to take sufficient safety measures.


The fortunes are repeatedly unstable, so we should be cautious to seek work. Only a lot of dummy scams. If you are not careful, you will have no return. Pay attention to gastrointestinal discomfort.

October luck of the lunar calendar

There are many workloads, but as long as you play well, the matter will be seen, and your leadership can be more recognized by the boss, but this month's feelings or family in the family It is easy to trouble, so that you can face the problem with a negative impact on work. It is better than evasion.

In November of the lunar calendar

The Lord of the Lord is the Yueji Star Arches, and the work and money and fortune are ideal. This month, it is easy to see repeatedly on the road of emotion. It is advisable to balance public and private time, and communicate with your partner to communicate and tolerate more, otherwise the third party will be organized.

December of the lunar calendar

Be careful that the relationship with colleagues and bosses because of the dry temper and the boss should be worse. Home declining. "Career work pressure, emotional fluctuations, and general fortunes are not suitable for gambling and high -risk investment.

Xiao Hu's friend Long Nianqian

1. The stage horse, Lu Xun Jixing shine, and the career will help promotion.

2. It is advisable to transfer and expand overseas markets.

3. The more you move, the more opportunities.

4. It is advisable to invest in foreign properties, funds or currencies

5. The best opportunity for children of tiger life.

6. Friends who want to take off the order should go out to social entertainment.

7. Be careful about emotional problems and eye diseases.

8. It is recommended to do more good deeds, help others, and break the fortune.

9. According to the reference year of Qimen Jiajia, Xiao Hu's friends born in 1986 have many plans this year and need to be dealt with, but the organization is a bit messy. Essence

Auspicious color: yellow, brown yellow

Auspicious number: 1, 5, 6, 9

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