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Back to the mothers house at the beginning of the

The second year of junior taboos | The second day of the year of the dragon (February 11) of the Dragon is the custom as "returning to the maid's house", which means that the daughter who has been married returns to her family's family to reunite with her family. On the second day of the year, it is also called "Welcome Day". However, the second day of the year, there were traditional taboos for marrying daughters and returning to the door.
The author of this article: Teacher Xiaomeng, Clear Water Meng International Tarot

Text/Shimizu Meng International Tarot, Mr. Xiaomeng

1. Avoid her daughter back to her mother until night:

In the second day of the second folk custom, the daughter who marry out is best to go home before the evening, so the sooner you go home, the better, otherwise it is easy to bring bad luck to the mother's family.

2. Return to the door of the red envelope to avoid orders:

The second second back to the mother's house, the daughter must bring a gift or red envelope to the mother's house, however Single red envelope gifts, the other is the package single gift or red envelope represents loneliness and loneliness.

3. Do not wash clothes:

The first and second grade is the birthday of the water god, so it cannot be washed.

4. Avoid the daughter -in -law at night:

The general folk custom banquet invites the son -in -law to be early, the sooner the better, if you eat too late, you can make your mother in the future in the future. One year is poor, so don't eat the head.

5. The fourth and fifth junior and fifth avoid returning to my mother's home:

The fifth and fifth day of the fifth day are the most prosperous Japanese characters. Most people will welcome the God of Wealth in these two days. Therefore, if you return to your mother's house in the past two days, you will easily divide the wealth and blessings of the maiden family.

6. The second and second bogey people are out of their pockets:

The second day of the second day is picked out of the pocket, symbolizing the money will be removed, and the fortune is easy to be emptied.

7. Avoid sweeping the floor and mopping inwardly outward:

If the second home is dirty, you must mop or sweep the floor, drag or mop inward or sweep inward inward or mop. , Wealth can come to the house. Do not sweep or drag out, otherwise wealth is easy to go out.

8. Avoid debt collection:

The second day of the first day should not be collected. The second day of debt collection is not auspicious.

9. Avoid nest:

The second year should not be a nap, because many people will come to visit the New Year, so the nap will make guests feel impolite.

10. Avoid eating duck eggs in the second second year:

Eating duck eggs in the second second year is easy to decline in financial performance in the next year, so you can change the eggs.

11. Two seconds to say "hungry":

Don't say that I am "hungry" in the second day, so as not to worsen the blessing in the next year, my stomach has been hungry, and the fortune is declining.

12. It is not advisable to withdraw money in the second day:

The person who wants to get the withdrawal of the withdrawal machine with the second day, it is recommended to finish the amount you want, otherwise the withdrawal will always be withdrawn. Can be empty.

13. Two seconds to avoid nails:

The first to the fifth day of the year is the most prosperous moment of the year. It is not advisable to nail things at home. One year was nailed by the supervisor.

14. Avoid bringing friends with strangers to return to his mother's home:

People who want to return to the mother's house should not bring too many friends back, otherwise it will be easy to let many people in the next year come and share It is easy to make the maid's fortune decline.

15. Two second junior bogey worship of the ancestor of the husband:

There are no people who return to the maid's house in the second year, avoid worshiping the ancestors of the husband, if you still want to worship the ancestor Essence
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