2024-02-07 20:11:09

The man in the West Lake Building in the North Poi

The case of falling building in BMW Mountain. At about 6:11 in the evening today (7th), the police reported that a man suspected that he fell from the fourth high place from the fourth high place from BMW Mountain Road Xishi Lake Building, and was in charge of a seven -person car. The rescuer rushed and found that the 45 -year -old named Huang Nan was in a coma, and sent him to Rhodun Zhi Hospital for rescue. Police were investigated by preliminary investigations and believed that Huang Nan had fallen from the site one day. Police did not search a suicide note at the scene to list the case "suicide"; At the scene, the seven -person cars were destroyed by the sunroof, and the glass fragments were scattered.

The man in the West Lake Building in the North Point, the man fell to the building to destroy the seven -person car and send it to the hospital for rescue

That is to relax the body and mind in 3 minutes of emotional self -help. Hong Kong Samaria Preventing Suicide Conference Hotline: 23892222

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