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The construction of a park in Shanghai was accused

When the lack of stone ingredients is lacking in the lack of stone in Shanghai? Local response

Recently, some Shanghai netizens posted that some lake embankments in Yangpu Park in Yangpu District were paved with tombstones. On January 9th, upstream journalists learned from the green and city capacity departments of Yangpu District that the local cultural relics department had previously invited the local cultural relics department to conduct investigations and identification. These stone materials were not cultural relics. The cultural relics department also stated that when the park was built, there was a lack of stone, and some of the main tombstones were used to pass the Green Bureau ditch. If they have the opportunity, they will be replaced.

The tombstone photographed by netizens. The reporter

The reporter learned that Yangpu Park covers an area of 223,600 square meters. It was founded in early 1957 and was opened and opened on January 24, 1958. The park site was originally a farmland, pond and residents small villages and sporadic cemeteries. The first batch of 12.47 hectares of construction parks was built, and the area of the park was expanded five times to the present.

The reporter noticed that the tombstones on these lakes are located in Yuhu Lake Scenic Spot of Yangpu Park. It can be seen from the epitaphs that most of the owners of these tombstones were buried in the 1920s. It is reported that many citizens have come to "check in".

In social media, some Shanghai netizens have posted a post to introduce the "tombstone lake embankment" of Yangpu Park. A netizen said: "Look at the public account of others and think that there are a few pieces. I never expected that the entire lake was around. I almost mistakenly thought that this was the cemetery." Network screenshot

On the 9th, the reporter contacted Yangpu Park Manager. A staff member introduced that many people had come to consult this matter before, and the District Greening Bureau responded uniformly.

Earlier, Yangpu Park managers have said that they have not received a notice of protection to take protection. If the family members of the deceased come to claim the tombstone and provide sufficient evidence to prove the identity, the garden will definitely be will definitely will definitely These tombstones belong to the original master, but no one has come to claim for many years.

The staff of the Green Management Affairs Center of Yangpu District Greening and the Municipal Rong Administration told reporters: "We may be tangled at the time that it may be cultural relics, and they have contacted the Cultural Tourism Bureau.

The reporter also contacted the cultural relics management department of Yangpu District. A staff member introduced: "At that time, there were fewer stone materials for repairing Yangpu Park, and some of the tombstones were used as a stone. It is ordinary tombstone, not cultural relics. One is that it is not historic, and the other is that it is not scientific and artistic, and there is no educational significance. "

to netizens and citizens reflect that the tombstone is exposed to the outside In the case, the staff said: "Pass with the Greening Bureau to see what opportunities will be replaced in the future." (Reporter Tang Hao)

(Source: Upstream News)