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Sold on January 12: The train ticket on the first

Financial Association, January 9th, from January 26th, 2024, from January 26 to March 5, for a total of 40 days. According to the current pre -sale rules of railway tickets (train tickets within 15 days of pre -sale), on January 12, 2024, train tickets on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2024 will be officially released.

The 2024 Spring Festival holiday from February 10th (first) to February 17 (eighth day of the first month) for a total of 8 days. According to the pre -sale rules of the ticket, the train ticket can be sold on February 7th (28th of the Lunar Month) on January 24th. On February 9 (New Year's Eve) train tickets; holiday return train tickets will be available on February 3 (February 17th, the eighth day of the first month), passenger friends can prepare for ticket purchase in advance according to personal itinerary arrangements.

Original title: On the first day of the Spring Festival, train tickets will be sold within 15 days from January 12

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