2024-01-10 09:38:15

The street office requires community residents to

"Yang County released" news, Shaanxi Yang County Paifang Street Office issued a notice on the relevant notice of the Gongjia Tank Community of Yangxian County, on January 9th, the online information "Shaanxi Yang County One The community requested the return of the New Year to the New Year to report "to attract attention. The paper office office of Yangxian County quickly checked it, and the situation is now explained:

January 8th, the Gongjia tank community of Paifang Street is in the winter. During the visit, because the community staff understood the deviation and the work method was simple, the person in charge of the community was not strictly controlled, and an inappropriate notice was issued in the work group, causing misunderstandings of everyone and causing adverse effects. We apologize for this. After the incident, the Paper Street Office conducted serious criticism and education on the person in charge of the community and staff, and ordered the community to revoke the notice.

The street office requires community residents to return in advance to be reported in advance

According to upstream news reports, on January 9th, a notice of "Reporting the New Year's Eve Personnel Reporting by the New Year's New Year" issued by the Gongjia Steel community in Yang County, Shaanxi Province It has spread on the Internet, which has aroused the attention of netizens. The "Notice" states that the county party committee and county government notified that all returned personnel (the community's household registration population) from January 8 to February 20, 2024 conducted daily investigations, summarized daily, and registered with the community at 15:30 daily. Reporting, the community reported to the Office of the Office at 16 pm every day. The information you need to provide include: 1. Return to ocean and personal information; 2. Migrant and work sites in foreign countries; 3. Reasons to return foreign. If it is not reported, all the responsibilities and consequences that occur shall be borne by the parties. On the same day, the staff of the Paifang Street Office of Yangxian County told reporters that during the Chinese New Year, there were many workers who returned to Yangxian. In order to safely require the community to do a good job of social security and stability, "different communities and methods." (Responsible editor: Liang Yunjiao CN079 )