2024-01-09 15:45:32

Xinjiang Tax County builds a new full -time panora

Original title: Chasing Snowflakes to see Xinjiang | Tax County, Xinjiang: Fully build a "Global Global Season Panorama" tourism pattern

On the evening of December 22, Xinjiang Tax County, Xinjiang In the "Shengshi Huajiang · Jiu Gongcheng Tour Garden", the dream lights and gorgeous bonfire swaying, the world of ice and snow, and the hot singing dances complement each other, the interactive experience complements the folk customs of Xinjiang, which attracts citizens and tourists to cheer.

The integration of ice and snow immersive text, business, and travel. It can not only appreciate folklore performances in the garden, but also enjoy snow scenes, watch lights, and taste food. The reporter walked into the garden "Our Narn Pavilion" -the restaurant operating the traditional Kazakhs. Introduction of Songgura Madali, who works in the store, introduced the restaurant business with the help of winter tourism. The traditional food such as Baoer Sak, Mashezi, Malaysia meat, yogurt, etc. "Daily operating income on weekends is nearly 4,000 yuan."

The "Shengshi Huajiang · Jiu Gongcheng Tour Garden", which was put into operation on December 10, is the Tax County Party Committee and the county government to implement the winter ice and snow tourism strategy in the autonomous region, make up for the shortcomings of winter tourism, and build the ice and snow industry system system. New scenes of diversified winter ice and snow tourism. The project covers an area of about 54,200 square meters and has a total investment of 100 million yuan. Drive more than 500 employment.

It is located in Tex County in the west of the northern foot of Tianshan. It is rich in tourism resources and unique. There are 1 5A -level scenic spot, 1 4A -level scenic spot, and 3A -level scenic spots. One of the richest counties. In recent years, the county has focused on solving the problem of "summer and autumn fire winter spring cold", adhered to market -oriented, based on demand, high levels and high standards improve tourism development planning, highlight the characteristics of "winter", build winter tourism facilities, shape winter tourism brands Tell the story of winter ice and snow, focus on creating a new tourism economic growth point, and make every effort to build a "global full -season panoramic view" tourism pattern.