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The emerald egg noodles fell into the river, and t

The salvage emerald workers said that each person was divided into 70,000 to 80,000

The emerald egg noodles that Foshan fell into the river had been found.

On January 8th, Foshan, Guangdong. The emerald egg noodles that fell into the river finally found it. One of the salvage workers said that 10 workers were divided into 70,000 to 80,000, and the boss took more.

The emerald egg noodles fell into the river, and the salvage workers got 780,000 dividends

On the evening of January 8th, Mr. Peng, a resident near the incident, said that at around 8:30 pm, the people who were salvaged in the mud in the ditch found the jadeite. Hundreds of people were onlookers. After finding, everyone cheered, and then the fireworks were celebrated at the scene.

The emerald egg noodles fell into the river, and the salvage workers got 780,000 dividends

The emerald owner, who was unknown, told Jimu Journalists that he was far away from Yangon, Myanmar. He received the information sent by his family at 8:15 on the 8th Beijing time, saying that the jadeite that landed to Hegou had been found. This is an emerald ring with a value of millions of yuan. It is a wedding ring prepared by his father for him. "My wedding period is set in 2025. There is a necklace, a earpiece, and a male ring with the jade ring. It was completed on December 21, 2023. Our family is doing jewelry business, but I am not here, I do n’t know what emerald is. ” Visitors)

The man said that on January 5, his father went to the studio inlaid master's studio to pick up the goods. A video he provided to reporters showed that a person took out an emerald ring from the box and walked to the window, and the ring fell behind the picture.

The emerald ring that was lost and recovered (the interviewee's picture)

"He just wanted to shoot a video to send to the WeChat group at home. I had given up and I didn't want to find it, because this was annoying these days. But the inlaid master did not let us give up. He insisted on helping us to find it. When I found my father, he was not at the scene, and he went abroad. "The man said.

The man also said that the retrieved rings were particularly happy in addition to the stains of the sludge, and he felt very happy that the loss of the emerald ring that was lost is of great significance to him. The matter of finding emeralds by the Internet, it is said that there is nothing. "It was we looking for someone to pump water, talked to them, and bill on time." Ten thousand. (Editor in charge: Lu Qilong CN070)